A briefcase designed specifically for women

Like so much in the world, the traditional briefcase is designed around the needs of men. We designed one specifically for women.

What makes the work bag for women right for you?

Staying organized while traveling is essential to getting your business accomplished with the least amount of stress. That is why a hallmark of the new VOCIER Avant modular luggage line is the variety of choice in how you pack. We have multiple options for everything from how you can pack your workwear and shoes to how you stow your boarding pass and passport. With three different matching briefcase options to accompany and connect to the Avant carry-on luggage, you can decide exactly what you want to pack and find the best option for your needs. If you are a woman business traveler who has often rued the poorly designed briefcases available, or often made-do with an oversized handbag, then VOCIER’s work bag for women might just be exactly what you need for your next business trip.

Work bag and carry-on
Shown with Interlink™

What’s the difference between the bags

Though much of the world has been designed with men in mind, not excluding the typical business briefcase, the designers at VOCIER wanted to create a work bag that answers the needs of women travelers first and foremost. So we looked at the ergonomics of how the bag actually functions. The shape of the women’s work bag was carefully considered to ensure that it would be comfortable to carry while not attached to the Avant carry-on. The two different handle options play a big role in that. The shorter handles to be carried in the hand like a briefcase. And as a double handle, they keep the balance well but have a button closure so they won’t fall open when you set it down.

Put your shoulder into it

For those times that you will be walking with the bag, the shoulder strap has been attached so that it will sit comfortably on your shoulder while the bag then will naturally rest against your back. No flopping around or continual pushing up or adjusting of the should strap. And when you are not using the strap, it will lay unobtrusively against the bag. It won’t get in the way when you open the zippers nor will it jangle around when you are using the handles. Even with these multiple handle options, the Women’s Work Bag has been cut to be comfortable to hold under the arms as well, almost like a large clutch.

Your gonna carry that weight

When designing this bag we were careful not to make feel too heavy. Made from the same lightweight ballistic nylon that the rest of the Avant Line uses will certainly help keep the weight down. But we also made sure to save grams wherever we could without compromising the durability or utility of the bag. When you have your computer, papers, pens, phone and various other accouterments of your job carefully stashed in the Women’s Work Bag, you will still be able to carry it without feeling like it will take your shoulder off.

Different ergonomics to the Briefcase, same quality

Women’s versions of things, whether we are talking bicycles or ski jackets, often suffer from a dumbing down of materials and design. That certainly is not something you need to consider with the VOCIER Women’s Work Bag. All the materials like the ballistic nylon as well as the interior fabrics have made with the highest level of quality and durability in mind. The accordion-style interior means that you will be able to stow your computer safely and have multiple sections and pockets to organize all your papers and small essentials. The high-quality zipper has a double pull which opens the bag 3/4 of the way so that you can easily access the larger materials. The VOCIER Women’s Work Bag is where sophisticated utility and style savvy unite.

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