How to Avoid the Lost Luggage Dilemma

 VOCIER is here to offer you our tips on how to fly like a pro and skip the checked-luggage dilemma. You can save money and definitely save yourself the tension and risk of delayed or lost luggage.
Airports worldwide have been having issues with backlog checked luggage processing, as we are sure you have seen on the news lately. This backlog is due to numerous reasons, but one thing is for sure - skipping the checked luggage debacle and flying carry-on is a safer bet!


Know Airline Size Limits

The carry-on and personal item size and weight limits can differ by airline. Additionally, luggage restrictions may vary depending on what class you are traveling on. 



Keep all valuables and other in-flight essentials in your purse, sling,  or tote bag. Some airlines that are fully booked may ask you to check your carry-on at the gate. This will ensure you never lose the most essential items.

Do Your Homework

Find out which amenities will be at your destination, and create your packing list based on that. Opt to leave our hair dryer and extra clothing, instead use the hotel's items and laundry service (if a possibility).


Pack Early

A day or two before will give you time to remember those forgotten or last-minute additions.



Packing cubes or compression bags can help fit more items and keep everything easy to move around if necessary while passing through security.



We recommend wearing your coziest pair, and packing no more than two additional pairs, as they take up quite a bit of space.



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