Vocier Avant versus Legacy Luggage

Modern Avant versus Classic Legacy Luggage

VOCIER F38/C38 vs. Avant Carry-on Luggage


What’s Your Choice for VOCIER Luggage?

When looking at the differences between the new VOCIER Avant line and our heritage Legacy pieces like the F38 and C38, what you are really seeing is the evolution in our efforts to make your travels easier. It would be hard for us to pick a favorite. What we have always tried to do is develop carry-on business luggage that will simplify your life while still looking beautiful.


F38 Leather Carry On


Where Improvements Could be Made?

When we initially released our F38 luggage, we were proud about how far we had advanced our Zero Crease technology, as well as other convenient touches like the Fast Pass pocket. We knew those qualities had to remain in any new designs we were to release! As the Avant began to take shape, we realised that it was something rather special and no like any other carry on ever made.






On our own travels, carrying a personal item as well as wheeling a carry-on had always been a pet peeve. Not only is it hard on your shoulders, but it leaves you without any hands fully free for navigating the airport. This is where the Interlink modular design emerged. We’ve developed three different styles of personal bags – the Briefcase, Work Bag for Women, and Holdall Bag – that securely attach to the Avant carry-on luggage using our Interlink technology (a hybrid physical and magnetic latching system). This innovative design has been foundational to the many design awards the Avant has already won.


Handle Document Holder


We also looked to ways of improving our Document Holder and designed two Avant Travel Wallets, one large and one small, to attach to the magnesium handle of the Avant trolley. These options allow you to fit everything from your passport and boarding card to the various types of currencies you may be using on your travels. Similarly, the new Avant line offers two Dopp kit sizes. The smaller size will provide easy, accessible storage for your liquid essentials while the larger size will be able to accommodate your longer trips that require a few more toiletries.





The right to choose

Another important development with the Avant luggage is that we have made the Zero Crease compartment optional. This doesn’t make it any less effective at preventing wrinkles in your best suit or formal attire! An internal suspension system will prevent the compartment holding things like your shoes, shirts, scarves or ties from putting any pressure on your suit jacket or delicate dress. For those trips where you will be packing less delicate clothes, you can remove the Zero Crease structure. It will reduce the carry-on’s weight and allow you to pack a few more sweaters and jeans into the internal space. It’s just one more way to add versatility to your luggage.


A material change

Unlike the Legacy pieces, the Avant line does not initially come with a leather option. There is no denying the level of elegance and beauty a fine piece of leather luggage offers. But in the interest of practicality, we have first turned to ballistic nylon that, in conjunction with our proprietary hybrid construction, offers the functional mix of hardshell protection and softshell flexibility. In our view, there is no right answer to which is better. It is entirely a question of preference. With the F38 you can have beautiful Italian leather, YKK zippers and a matching Dopp kit specially designed for the Fast Pass pocket.



Summing Up

Of course, we're a bit biased because we put so much passion into developing the finest business luggage available. In our estimation, both Avant and Legacy carry-on luggage pieces offer the frequent traveler distinct advantages. The Legacy piece is certainly more traditional, dare we say more 'conservative,' while the Avant piece is more contemporary. The Avant also offers what many will consider the advantage of 4x2 'spinner' wheels and an extra-wide handlebar. These features certainly provide superior ergonomics. Nevertheless, the demand for the classic Legacy F38 and C38 designs remains high among early adopters of VOCIER, and we appreciate and can certainly understand that!

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