The People Behind our brand - Pt. I

Today is the start of a mini-series where we honour the designers behind our brand. Some of which have spent decades honing their craft and creating a prolific body of work - all of them are fixated on getting your VOCIER piece exactly right.
Maxime has been a designer from an early age with a natural inclination to help societies, this innate problem-solving skillset would evolve over time and merge with design. 
Maxime translates strategy into form, and beauty into business, which is why we asked him to join the VOCIER team. Through combining insight with innovation, arriving at beautiful solutions, with success - we are able to bring you VANTAGE.
Vantage is VOCIER's new line of luxury leather bags, coming soon. 
Once the project was in Maxime's mind, the inspiration for Vantage came from everywhere. On the road, on his social feeds, and through VOCIER's classic line. 
The next step was to take all of these inspirations and create a formula, using the classic F38 as a focal point. He took into consideration the heritage of the brand, the materials, the existing clientele, and off he went.... to the board.
As he started to sketch, the story unfolded. In this case - 5 stories, and at this intersection the name Vantage, came into existence. It ringed true to the VOCIER core, with a play off of the Legacy name, and gave the line it's DNA, or focal point.

After starting with rudimentary sketches, Maxime started to layer on the details and alongside, draw more extensive sketches of a realistic piece.

The last step was to find artisans to collaborate with and bring Maxime's vision to reality. All of the small details in his drawings, he could see and feel in the finished pieces. The attention to workmanship was a true partnership between designer and seamstress, as they have to work with each others' strengths and abilities. The art is in an unspoken language - but through a mutual understanding and respect for good quality design - the vision came into fruition.


It is safe to say that Maxime wants to move people and create classic strong pieces that make people feel at ease. The design should always be functional, flexible, and made for you. 

All of this to bring you, our special customers, a beautifully crafted piece that you can enjoy, and that VOCIER can confidently stand behind.

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