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The People Behind Our Brand - Pt.II

Welcome to our second instalment of our mini-series where we honor the designers behind our brand. Some of which have spent decades honing their craft and creating a prolific body of work - all of them are fixated on getting your VOCIER piece exactly right.
Michael Kogelnik
Michael Kogelnik, VOCIER founder & designer, always knew he had an interest in creation and invention, but it was only in school that he could fully see his future path unfold. He would catch himself sitting in the front of the class, absorbing everything his mentor, Heinrich Krug, would teach him. Because Mr. Krug was a practicing designer, Michael could also learn about the real-life implications of his lessons. 

Learning about innovation along with design [and beauty] is what set Michael down the path of founding VOCIER. His incredible patent for wrinkle-free luggage, now known as the Legacy Series (and still the only one like it on the market), propelled him into the world of luggage.

 Vocier legacy
Michael had to learn about the industry from a new perspective being an outsider coming in, because of this VOCIER is a brand that believes in “slow fashion” we are not rushing the designs with pre-made parts in order to put just anything out on the market, but rather we are producing with intention and direction for our customers. Michael’s eye for innovation and customization means, that every piece – down to the bones are designed in-house in our design studio.
Vocier closeup

While creating the Legacy Line, he had his finger on the pulse and heard what the customers wanted to see in future iterations of VOCIER products. 

With this in mind, Michael set down the path of creating our newest series.


Vocier vantage P55


VOCIER’s will soon introduce our first hardside, four-wheel suitcase – The Vantage P55. The most important thing in creating our first hardside was to be true to our core. The P55 Luxe is inspired by timeless vintage pieces, keeping in line with our DNA. Each hardside piece can be paired perfectly with any other VOCIER piece. The P55 comes with exquisite leather detailing, including a side-carry handle for easy carry.

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