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7 things every business traveler should know

On the road to Smooth Travels

Though most business travelers are on the road enough to have established a few time-saving measures, there almost certainly is always room for improvement. If we were to count up the total travel hours of the VOCIER staff, it would likely add up to many years of being on the road. That’s why we thought maybe we could suggest a few tips for easing your travels and keeping the stress levels low.

1. Best way to minimize time spent in lines

Whether you have plenty of time before your flight or are running late, waiting in security lines amps up the aggravation of traveling. VOCIER has tried to tackle this issue by designing all our luggage and accessories to minimize the amount of time you have to spend unpacking and repacking things like your computer and toiletries. Our C38 and F38 carry-on luggage have been specially designed to offer easy access to things like your travel documents with our built-in document holder and Fast Pass pouch tailor-made for our Dopp toiletry kit. And our briefcases interface effortlessly with the carry-on bags so that you can stow them when you are on the move while keeping your computer easily accessible.

2. Always take the personal care products you need

Business travel demands that you always look your best and make a good impression. So you can’t count on the hotels to carry the care products that you need. As a result, we have designed into our Dopp kit especially airplane regulation-sized clear bottles so that you can transfer your favorite soaps, gels, and lotions into the bottles. Since the sides of the Dopp bag are clear plastic as well, it makes inspection instant and easy. And once you arrive at your hotel, you will be able to spruce up in preparation for your big meetings.

3. Choose the right piece of luggage for you

It might be easy to think that all carry-on luggage is basically the same, but VOCIER has been founded with the goal of creating travel luggage that will make each stage of the trip much easier. Our luggage helps you pack your important clothes without having to worry about wrinkles. It also eases your way through the airport customs and security lines. VOCIER luggage and accessories are there to make life simpler while still staying stylish. Knowing each person has different needs and preferences, we have a luggage line-up that attempts to accommodate those requirements. The F38 and C38 may be the most popular, but we also have a special F35 garment bag that allows for compact, wrinkle-free packing. Finding the perfect luggage to match your needs will reduce your travel stress and take the uncertainty out of your packing.

4. Reduce the chances of surprises at your destination

Just as it is important to get to know your luggage and stick with the piece that works best, setting up a reliable network of hotels, transportation and restaurants at your various destinations will help assure you that you will not be disappointed or left stranded once you have hit town. Many hotels, taxi services and even restaurants will allow you to use reward cards where you can accumulate points for future upgrades. And once you have found a winning combination, it is likely that you will be able to translate that to other parts of the world where you travel. Experimentation is always fun and exciting, but when you hit town for an important meeting, you don’t want to be derailed by a terrible night’s sleep or a bad meal.

5. Use the same airline group to rack up points

These days, you have to look pretty hard to find those great airline deals that make travel easier and cheaper. One way to get ahead is to find an airline you like and stick to it. The more you use the same airline, or group of airlines, the more loyalty points you will rack up. That will make upgrades easier and additional perks will follow. If you use the same airlines for your pleasure travels as well as business, you can perhaps end up treating your entire family to a seat upgrade thanks to all those hours you spend in the air for business.

6. Make the most of delays

As business travelers, we must accept the inevitable: there will be times when our flights are terribly delayed. It can be the worst fate for a weary traveler who just wants to get home. But for those times the flight is hugely behind schedule, have a plan to make the most of it. With airport hot-spots and business lounges, you could likely use the time to get some work done. However, it might be more beneficial for you to find ways of relaxing. Unless the flight has been canceled, there is little chance that you could get out of the airport to do some sightseeing. However, there are many facilities in most airports that go almost unused. Spas where you can have a warm shower and even a restful massage often get ignored by the busy traveler. Instead of sitting in the main concourse waiting to hear about your long delayed flight, head to one of the many services in the airport and make the wait a little more enjoyable.

7. Be kind

It is always a good policy to avoid showing your irritation, even if you are. Traveling is stressful for everyone, including the gate attendants and crew. There is no point in alienating those people who are just trying to do their jobs. Being friendly, understanding and patient will make everyone’s trip easier and might even encourage the flight attendants to give you preferential treatment.

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