VOCIER Covid-19 Response

It’s safe to say that we are living through extraordinary times and with offices in Northern Italy, we understand this immensely!

Our online shop and international logistics providers have luckily remained unaffected, and we are committed to doing whatever we can to help overcome the challenges we all face. That is why we have decided as a company to donate 10% of net revenue starting from March to Covid-19 Relief Funds across the globe. We will be keeping a record of the orders that come in based upon shipping addresses, and then distributing the donations accordingly between our two partner organizations. All of the money we will donate will go directly to providing protective gear to front-line health workers near you, as well as towards ensuring everyone has access to life-saving medications. Donations will be distributed at a local level by these two organizations, and we will be publicly releasing totals and donation receipts at the end of the sale!

VOCIER Doctors Without Borders Partnership

In Europe, we are partnering with Doctors Without Borders who are currently working across the continent to provide support on the front lines. 10% of all revenue from our European sales will be donated to this incredible organization – if you make a purchase from us with a shipping address in Europe, 10% will be sent directly to their Covid-19 relief fund. Not only will these donations go towards purchasing protective equipment for hospitals and clinics, but Doctors Without Borders are also a key partner ensuring that everyone in Europe has access to life-saving medications.

VOCIER CAF America Partnership

For purchases made from North America, we will be donating via GoFundMe to the Frontline Responders Fund (CAF America). As with our European sales, 10% of all revenue from our North American customers will be donated and will go directly to providing personal protective equipment to doctors and nurses working in hospitals on the front lines. We hope you’ll agree that the people risking their own lives to save others are heroes, and we believe giving them the protection they need is one of the best ways we all can do our part. In an effort to maximize the donations that we can make, we are also offering between 25-50% off our entire store, as well as extending our 100 day no-questions-asked return period to begin when travel restrictions have been lifted in your area.

The whole world is in this together, and we thank you in advance for joining us in doing our part to help those in need! Stay healthy, stay safe, follow social distancing practices and listen to your country’s travel restrictions! The more each of us realizes we have a part to play, the sooner we will all be able to return to traveling the globe and once again working with and learning from one another.

– The VOCIER Team

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