Vocier Avant versus Legacy Luggage

Design: Made in Germany

Design: Made in Germany

Our designs are not 'German' in a nationalistic sense: rather, we are influenced by movements that began in Germany, like Bauhaus and the Ulm School of Design, where 'less is more' is a common theme. And, of course, we are influenced by shared values like precision, durability, and quality. For us, great design is a way to calm the psychological chaos that bombards us on a daily basis, and this calmness is especially important when one travels: the sounds, the distractions, the visual stimulation, it all becomes too much and a bit stressful. Through great design and engineering, VOCIER wants to be a part of your calming experience: unobtrusive, intuitive, elegant designs with useful, functional innovations that surprise by solving complex problems with simplicity. In this simplicity lies beauty: reduce the distractions, find clarity, appreciate the beauty around you.

''What can be said, can be said clearly.'' --Wittgenstein

The quote from Wittgenstein is appropriate to VOCIER: we believe that what can be designed can be designed clearly, simply, and with useful functionality. Therein lies the beauty, and the calming effect of design.

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