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Though international business travel makes having to be on airplanes inevitable, there are many other business trips that are shorter and more easily done using trains and cars. Especially for businesses based in Europe, certain parts of Asia, and even the United States, particularly in the northeast, train travel is often more cost-effective and no less convenient than flying. That’s why VOCIER has been certain to design its luggage to be used on every form of transportation.


For train travel, it is important to be mobile with your luggage. That means that the luggage should not be too heavy or awkwardly sized. Contrary to flying, where you will often stow your luggage for hours and then simply need to roll through an airport for a transfer, train travel could mean multiple transfers on and off platforms in the span of a couple of hours. VOCIER’s Avant modular luggage line offers tons of storage while still keeping the weight low. This helps those trips when lifting the bag into the train becomes a frequent motion. It’s important that the bag handles are ergonomically shaped to be easy to grab, as well as sturdy. Similarly, the handles for the briefcases that attach to the Avant are light yet durable and easy on the hands.

Keep the wheels turning

Rolling your luggage through a train station can present more complications than a marble-floored airport. You have to be sure that your luggage can withstand all sorts of inconveniences like rough and even cobbled floors, narrow platforms, hectic haphazard traffic. So having wheels that effortlessly roll over all obstacles will be essential. The two-wheel system of theF38 will work perfectly well, of course, and helps keep the weight of the luggage low. But the four 360° wheels of the Avant carry-on will ensure that you can be flexible, agile, and easily manage the amount of space you need to roll yourself and your bag along to the next platform. The reinforced ballistic nylon material, as well as the protective magnesium corners, will also ensure that your clothes are well shielded against the rigors of train travel.

Make accessories work for you

As much as single-bag travel is ideal, the reality is that there are often things – sometimes small and fiddly, sometimes thin but important – that we need to pack and keep accessible as well as safe. That was the reason we redesigned our briefcase and wallet options: so that you can have the perfect bags for storage and security. All our additional Avant bags, the Briefcase, Women’s Work and Holdall Bags, have been intended not only to fit perfectly and securely on the carry-on. All three have been designed to be easily carried either in the hand or slung over the shoulder with an ergonomic strap that will sit comfortably on your shoulder as you dash for the next train. Our briefcase options are lightweight and able to organize a wide variety of items, from work necessities to small toiletry items for mid-trip freshening.

VOCIER: Efficient for all forms of travel

Whether you are lifting your VOCIER luggage out of the trunk of a tight rental car, or hoisting it into the luggage corner of an ICE bullet train, you will appreciate the ergonomics of the handles, and minimal weight of the material. Our bags work together with our specially designed accessories to make your traveling easier, in planes, trains, and automobiles.

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