The Art of Travel

The Art of Travel Injecting beauty into the frequent traveler's world

Does the world really need another luggage brand?

Even if you are a frequent traveler, you may wonder whether the world really needs another luggage brand. But VOCIER was established because there was a need for which the founders were convinced they could find a solution. The initial vision was to design luggage that made it easy to pack a business wardrobe without wrinkling it. “We are taking a pretty different approach to designing our luggage, and that’s always a challenge,” Michael Kogelnik, VOCIER’s co-founder and lead designer says. “To rethink something that is really very, very established, with little differentiation between luggage brands, that is the challenge. To find something new.”

How to improve the life of the frequent traveler

To arrive at a destination with a wrinkle-free wardrobe may represent the original idea behind VOCIER, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. “We have the idea as a brand to improve the life of the frequent traveler,” says Kogelnik. The utility and practicality of the products naturally figure as important considerations in the design process, but there is a third aspect that carries at least as much weight: the beauty of the design. “Of course when you design a product, it must function well and sit at a reasonable price point, but what makes us more than engineers is the desire not only to solve the problem but to make the resulting product beautiful as well.” Just looking at the products VOCIER’s Michael Kogelnik has designed, it becomes immediately clear that he is sincere in his efforts to achieve beauty in all his creations. “Dostoevsky had a book where a character says, Beauty will save the world. And I think about the sentence a lot,” Kogelnik explains. “It’s this quest for beauty that makes us human and elevates us. Beauty is an end in itself. And that’s what makes the designing task so hard. Because it has to be functional, it has to meet costs, but then it has to be beautiful.” Beauty in the eye of the traveler F38 with Italian leather

It's a beautiful world

For any frequent traveler on an endless round of airport lounges, hotels rooms, narrow airplane aisles, and in and out of taxi cabs, injecting a slice of design and beauty into the routine will always enhance the inevitably challenging experience of being a business traveler. “Look, everyone loves to have the room with the better view instead of the room without the window. The room is the same, but we are all willing to pay more for the room with a view,” Kogelnik says. “That is nothing else than the experience of beauty.” The hope remains that you will feel a similar pleasure when an elegantly designed piece of luggage from VOCIER makes your packing easy and wrinkle-free.

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