How to pack a suit in a carry on with Zero Crease™

Zero Crease™: how to pack a suit in a carry on without wrinkles

 Everybody knows the problem when you are about to embark on your next business trip: how to pack a suit in a carry-on without wrinkles? To answer this question has been the initial idea of our business venture and how it all stared in the first place.

Solve your packing dilemma with VOCIER

If you have spent your working career rotating through dissatisfying solutions to the hassle of trying to avoid wrinkled business clothes, our Zero Crease™ may sound too good to be true. We understand your situation since we have experienced the same frustrations. That’s why we designed and developed the VOCIER Zero Crease™ luggage system. It is really a case where seeing – or using – is believing.

Packing with Zero Crease™

Anyone who travels a lot for business will know how difficult it is to pack your most important business attire without wrinkling it. Suit jackets, delicate skirts, and dresses are the most vulnerable items. If you believe you have tried everything, it’s time to introduce you to the VOCIER Zero Crease™ system. Zero Crease™ system eliminates the two causes of wrinkles: (1) high pressure and (2) a tight radius. 

The best way to travel with a suit or dress

Avoiding wrinkles is all about avoiding corners and pressure, which is exactly what the Zero Crease™ system does. The design takes the best qualities of a garment bag and combines it with the much more practical rolling carry-on suitcase shape, or ‘trolley.’ By integrating the garment bag into the luggage, we remove the possibility for folds and eliminate pressure points, ensuring your suit jacket or delicate dress will arrive unrumpled and unwrinkled.

The Zero Crease™ system works by folding out the garment bag section that doubles as the exterior of the luggage, and using the hanger provided to secure your suit, jacket, or dress. When hanging the jacket, make sure you spread out the arms evenly and neatly to ensure they do not suffer unwanted creasing. And, as with packing any apparel, make sure your suit, dress, or formal attire is 100% dry before packing, as any amount of moisture will dramatically increase the likelihood of wrinkles, no matter what precautions you take. This is especially important in high-humidity regions.

The interior Zero Crease™ compartment around which the suit bag wraps can hold an extra pair of shoes, plus additional shirts or blouses, sweaters, pants or jeans, underwear, and any other incidentals you need. There is also an internal pocket that will neatly store tires, scarves, and other delicate accessories. When inserted in place, the removable interior Zero Crease™ compartment is perfectly suspended so that it will not exert unwanted pressure on your enclosed suit or dress. Fast Pass™ pocket another wrinkle-reducing feature.


Where’s the best place to stow toiletries?

To further reduce the chance of wrinkles, VOCIER luggage has a special, easily accessible Fast Pass™ pocket where you can store the VOCIER Dopp kit with all your toiletries and liquids. Since you will have to produce these items at least once every trip when going through security, having quick access to them without having to disturb any other part of your packed clothing will ensure rapid movement through the line, and eliminates the possibility of wrinkling your pristine attire when rapidly unpacking and repacking a toiletry bag in your luggage body.  


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