Business Aktentaschen

Sachliche Eleganz und preisgekröntes Design: Unsere Auswahl hochwertiger Business Aktentaschen ist perfekt für moderne Geschäftsleute. Ob fürs Büro, die Rushhour oder auf Reisen, die Kollektion passt optimal zu unserer Serie mit luxuriösem und praktischem Handgepäck.

The importance of a good business briefcase

If there’s one thing business travelers can’t do without, it is certainly a useful, functional business briefcase. Whether for the daily commute, for worldwide travels or just for the office, you need to have all business tools and necessities right at hand: laptop and smartphone, chargers and cables, pens and USB sticks, documents and passport.

But since you spend so many hours in the office or on business trips, a briefcase should be about more than just plain functionality, shouldn’t it? So, while looking for a well-organized bag with the perfect size, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice elegance and style. If you enjoy the good things in life, then treat yourself with a luxurious business briefcase that is a perfect accessory for your trips and travels. Finest Italian leather or high-performance, ballistic nylon: find the briefcase that will best suit you and your requirements. Let’s have a look at the options.

When we look at the basic build of a briefcase, it should have two main features. It should be strong enough to securely storing your laptop and important documents as well as offering a clear structure for holding all your business necessities. A number of different internal and external compartments for various items, and reliable metal zippers are therefore a must. Designs made of black or brown leather are equally suitable as are models using premium fabric to achieve those goals. Most varieties will be horizontally organized, but there are also vertical briefcases.

Most of the time, the cases will offer an integrated padded compartment to fit a 15” or a 13” laptop – because you will certainly want to carry one when you are on a business trip or commuting to your office. Furthermore, the size will be determined by general recommendations by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regarding the size of carry-on luggage on an airplane. Related tip: in addition to a common carry-on suitcase, most major airlines allow you to take a “personal item” on board. That’s why your briefcase of choice should not exceed the respective dimensions for a “personal item” as specified by the airline companies, even if they vary a little bit. You are expected to store this piece of extra luggage under the seat in front of you.

What’s more? Just as your suit, pantsuit, dress or shoes, your briefcase can be a style statement. Look out for the perfect combination of design, luxurious materials, and high-performance functionality. The best business briefcases will support your style – whether you are all dressed up or choosing a more casual outfit, depending on the occasion.
Inside our Legacy Collection, you will find our luxurious take on the classic business briefcase. The F25 is finished in finest Italian brown or black leather, the CP 25 and the C25 are made from high-performance premium nylon, one in anthracite color, one in black. They all offer a well-structured and spacious interior, including a laptop compartment and zippered pockets for everything you need for your travel and your office.

The Avant briefcase is an innovative vertical-styled briefcase. It will help you to keep your business tools neatly organized and within reach, with dedicated compartments for a 15” laptop, smartphone, charger, cables, passport, file folders, and other travel necessities. In short, it’s the perfect companion for the well-organized business traveler who also demands elegance and attitude. Our award-winning Avant work bag for women is the perfect accessory for style-conscious female travelers. A timeless design will not only hold a 13” laptop, but also all other essentials for travel and business – be it a smartphone, a charger, cables, business cards, earbuds, eye-wear, compact or a lipstick.

All business briefcases are part of VOCIER’s innovative luggage concept where all parts are thoughtfully designed and match one another in style and functionality.
VOCIER’S luxurious collection of briefcases are especially designed for frequent flyers and business travelers. They provide you with useful features, sleek designs and an elegant attitude – whether you are on your way to the office or back, on business trips, trade shows or events. A structured and roomy interior will fit all your work essentials, their look will always fit your style – whether you’re dressed-up, or are traveling more casual.

Besides offering functional elegance and award-winning design, we always source the best materials worldwide, for briefcases that are designed to last a lifetime. Most of our products are crafted by hand with a lot attention to detail. This clearly shows in the exceptional quality of our products, and we back it up with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, all of our briefcase choices have matching carry-on bags and accessories available – making them the perfect travel companion for the 21st century business professional.
Our business briefcases are thoughtfully designed with business travelers in mind. Despite their slim profile (with a height of just 9 cm or less), the bags are built to fulfill all your travel needs and requirements: they will let you keep everything organized with separate, padded laptop compartments for 15” or 13” laptops, multiple thoughtfully-sized zippered pockets and sufficient space for smartphone, chargers, and other essentials. Always on the go, with your hands free: on the back of all business briefcases there is a luggage sleeve to mount it securely and seamlessly to our Legacy carry-on suitcases – making longer trips a breeze.

The Avant briefcase / laptop bag supports you with its accordion-style compartment design: the expanding file system with vertical pockets keeps all items clear and optimally divided. Separate pockets for travel essentials as well as a hidden exterior pocket for smartphone and passport complete the concept. This is also true for the Working Bag for Women, which offers the same high level of usability like the other briefcases: the roomy interior with internal organization pockets and slots for pens, chargers and more will easily fit all your necessities and keep your essentials neatly organized.
Whether made from luxurious Italian leather or from lightweight premium nylon – business briefcases by VOCIER are designed to make your trips smooth, and hassle-free. With just over 1 kg for the nylon varieties, and under 1.5 kg for the leather bag, our business bags are perfect accessories for all your travels. With ergonomic handles, a shoulder strap made from Italian leather and the option to attach them to our matching carry-on suitcases, VOCIER’s briefcases will easy your travel wherever you go. Another example is the hybrid shell construction of the Avant briefcase. Despite being lightweight, its unique high-quality exterior offers the protection of a hard-shell cover (your laptop will thank you), while giving your luggage less weight and more flexibility.
All VOCIER business briefcases meet “personal item” airline size requirements. This means that you are able to take them on board as extra carry-on luggage with most major international airlines, sometimes depending on your ticket category.
Our briefcases are of outstanding quality and made to last a lifetime of travel. The luxurious F25 Business Briefcase is finished in exquisite, long-lasting Italian leather, making it resistant to the wear and tear of business life on the go. The ballistic, high-performance nylon we use for the CP25, the C25, the Work Bag, and the Avant Briefcase resists water and abrasions. It is therefore equally perfect for all your business trips.

VOCIER stands for long-lasting, beautiful business briefcases. We believe that when you once buy something, you should have it for life. This is why we checked over 40 of the best leather manufacturers all over the world before finally selecting the premium Tuscan full grain leather we use in our F25 briefcase. You will find premium materials in every detail of our products. The luxurious leather briefcase captivates with an exquisitely soft cotton lining. Likewise, durable high-quality fabrics, like premium nylon, are the basis for our other briefcase models. Add to it first-class YKK Excella metal zippers and PVD-coated metal fittings, and you will get advanced, top-class briefcases made of the finest, premium-quality materials.
You don’t need to be a frequent traveler to appreciate the style and concept of our luggage. If you are looking to combine clever functionality with elegant design, VOCIER’s collection of luxurious business briefcases is your perfect match – for business trips, your daily commute, and for the office.

Because, in the end, what makes a great business briefcase?

  • It needs to be robust and durable to withstand any travel trouble and be your travel companion for many years to come.
  • It comes with enough interior space to safely hold your laptop and various zippered pockets to store your business travel essentials, like smartphone, chargers and passport.
  • Its clear design concept and perfectly segmented compartments will keep all your things organized on business trips.
  • It gives you clever features, like securely connecting with your carry-on, and an additional shoulder strap, thereby easing your travels.
  • It is your personal status icon, stylishly representing your competence and skills.
  • It will match your sense for sleek and functional design and will support you in always looking your best.

The collection of luxurious business briefcases by VOCIER delivers on all these requirements. And it even matches our range of luxurious yet functional carry-on luggage perfectly. Happy traveling!