Setzen Sie auf Style bei Ihren Wochenendreisen mit dieser Auswahl luxuriöser Reisetaschen. Ihre perfekten Begleiter für Kurzreisen: aus elegantem italienischen Leder und langlebigem Nylon, akzentuiert durch YKK Excella Reißverschlüsse.

Travel duffel bags: the perfect accessory

How to find the best travel duffel bags

If you plan to go on a weekend getaway or to extend your business trip to add some quality leisure time, a travel duffel bag or weekender is without a doubt the perfect addition to your carry-on luggage collection. Whether you take a flight, go by train or just put everything you need in the trunk of your car – with its elongated, roomy design this classic bag offers sufficient space for your personal belongings.Fun fact: duffel bags are named after Duffel, a town in the region of Flanders, near the city of Antwerp in Belgium. This is where the thick duffel cloth that was later used for the first military and sport bags of this name originated at the end of the 17th century.

In the meantime, duffel bags have long since arrived in the world of business and everyday travel. And with good reason. Whereas the original bags were made from the namesake heavy, coarse, woolen cloth, modern versions are made from lighter, but likewise durable materials – like leather or high-quality ballistic nylon. This way, you can even find outstanding, luxurious duffel bags that will not only ease your travels, but also perfectly meet the demands of any style-conscious traveler. Lest we forget, due to their simple form, they are more than able to carry a lot of stuff and are easily packed. Before you go on to buy your perfect travel duffel bag online or in a store, consider what’s important to you when you’re on the road. More precisely, when you go about finding the best duffel bag, weekender or carryall, make sure you look out for great design, first-class materials, durability and useful features. And on another note: it also makes totally sense to think about a luxurious duffel bag. It’s just more fun to travel in style and it will make your journeys more enjoyable along the way, whether you travel regularly or not, for business or for leisure.

On your quest to find the best travel duffel bag, ask yourself first what you would expect from this practical piece of luggage. It’s certainly not just being able to support you and carry your belongings on all kinds of short trips and long weekends. This requirement will be checked easily by most duffle bags, weekender or holdall bags. After all, with their soft and flexible exterior, they are very well suited for all kinds of weekend excursions and extended business trips. Duffel bags are usually rather plain products with mostly simple designs. That’s why they can hold a lot of stuff and can be packed smoothly. However, the difference is in the detail. The perfect weekender bag should offer way more. Useful features, like a thoughtfully-designed interior with various pockets for electronic devices, chargers or travel documents, durable handles and a practical shoulder strap are equally important.

The same goes for high-quality materials for the inside and outside, up to the hard-working main zipper on top that should provide a wide opening for comfortable packing. Remember, your travel duffel bag will have to be your reliable partner even under rough conditions, like at the airport or on the train. That’s why an exterior finishing made from genuine leather or from premium nylon is a great choice for a duffel bag. These durable materials will make sure you can rely on your luggage for many years to come. Besides having an eye on functionality and features, don’t be shy to long for great design and elegance in a duffel bag. After all, confident style shouldn’t be reserved to your clothing, your home, or your carry-on luggage. Treating yourself with a luxurious duffel bag will enhance your travel experience – whether you’re out for a weekend or staying somewhere for some extra nights.
Travel duffel bags by VOCIER are a luxurious take on a classic design. As part of our legendary Legacy Collection, the range is crafted from finest black or brown Italian leather, and from durable nylon fabric, respectively, accentuated with YKK Excella™ zippers. A perfectly elegant, but robust exterior, paired with a thoughtfully-built, roomy interior: these are bags that are designed to be your ultimate, reliable travel partners – made to equal the style of your business attire or cool casual looks.

With its useful features, guaranteed durability and great looks, these duffel bags make sure that you don’t have to choose between functionality, style or a great design when you want to buy the best bags for your travel.
Look at VOCIER’s travel duffel bags as your personal upgrade to Business Class. Handcrafted from the finest materials by skilled artisans, this new range of travel bags will never let you have second thoughts about your purchase.

Their roomy interior offers enough space to pack for a few nights up to a week on the road. Add to this great functionality and useful features, and you will understand why we call this concept “spacious luxury”. The inside of the bags is lined with premium fabric, and features several slim-line pockets for safe-keeping of your essentials. Their polished metal zippers from the YKK Excella™ line are durable yet beautiful. Rest assured, these bags are designed to travel the world, whether in your car or as cabin luggage in an airplane. As a unique feature, all versions feature a dedicated luggage sleeve that will let you connect the duffle bag securely to our Legacy carry-on suitcases, making your travel hassle-free. All you have to do now is choosing the variant that best suits your requirements and travel needs:

Made from gorgeously smooth Italian leather to match our F38 luggage, our F34 Travel Duffel Bag is designed to last a lifetime of travels. Its noble appearance will let it stand out wherever you go, adding more than a touch of luxury to your luggage. Alternatively, if you would like to pair luxury with casual elegance, then the CP34 Travel Duffel Bag in anthracite nylon or the C34 model made from black nylon are optimal for you. Both match perfectly our C38 carry-on luggage and have the right size as a travel bag or for a weekend away.
With their practical design and features, our duffel bags will always have your back when you enjoy an extended weekend or any other short trip. The long metal YKK zipper on top runs up to the side walls for a wider opening – which helps you packing easily. Its durable exterior is ready to withstand the wear and tear of your travels. Internal slim-line organization pockets will keep you organized. Robust handles and a shoulder strap give you flexibility when carrying the bag. Attach it to your Legacy carry-on, and you can navigate the city or the airport with zero hassle. Functionality and style – there’s clearly no contradiction between those two demands when you purchase a travel duffel bag.
The size of our duffel bags meets international standards for carry-on luggage. With dimensions of L48,5 x W24 x H30 cm, it follows the recommendations of the International Air Transport Association and the bags will fit in the overhead bins of most major airlines.
Our travel duffel bag in leather weighs less than 2 kg, the models made from nylon are even lighter. Durable, water-resistant materials and high-quality zippers make sure they weather any heavy use you might encounter during your business trips and weekend journeys. We source premium materials around the world for luggage that offers you quality for life. And we back this exceptional quality of our bags with a limited lifetime warranty. Because when purchasing a duffel bag, you should be able to enjoy your luggage for a very long time.

Finest black or brown Italian leather, ballistic nylon (a particular synthetic fabric that’s lightweight and tear-resistant), exquisite cotton twill, first-class YKK Excella™ metal zippers: we use only the best materials for our travel duffel bags. The result is an innovative luggage concept that will meet all your travel needs and let you make the most of your trips.
 Did you know? Luggage made from superior leather will not only last a lifetime, but over the years, it will also acquire a warm patina that will look gorgeous, reminding you of all the trips you have taken together.

Buy travel duffel bags online and in stores

It is said that every journey starts with the first step. So, whether you’re going for an extended business trip or enjoying an exciting weekend getaway – buying a great, luxurious travel duffel bag is a nice step to begin with. In case you already own a Legacy carry-on, go on to create a perfectly paired, personalized set. Because all of our Legacy accessories can be connected to the handle of the Legacy suitcases, and match the luggage perfectly.

Now it’s time to upgrade your weekend travels with VOCIER’s luxurious range of travel duffel bags. Don’t forget: we offer free worldwide shipping and returns, a 100 days return policy, and a limited lifetime warranty. Discover our collection now and see for yourself: practical features and a great design, usefulness and stylish elegance – you can clearly have it both ways with duffel bags by VOCIER.