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VOCIER was launched by Michael Kogelnik in February 2012. Michael left a promising career in investment banking behind to turn his passion for well-designed and crafted goods into a business that combines innovation and superb quality. Before starting VOCIER, Michael grew up in Austria and studied both Industrial Design and Business & Economics.

VOCIER products are only available at or through our selected retail partners. We only partner with the best department stores and luxury boutiques, because we want our customers to always experience the best service possible. Subscribe to our emails or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on retailers close to you as well as the latest VOCIER news.


At VOCIER we pride ourselves on bringing a fresh take on the dusty luggage industry. We invented a completely new and easy to use system that helps keep your suit and shirts in perfect shape while you look your best. This is achieved by combining technological innovations with traditional craftsmanship and creating a new kind of luxury luggage that doesn’t fit into any normal category.

We are extremely particular about the high-quality, premium materials we use. Our products are handcrafted from the finest Italian leather, and highly durable yet lightweight plastic parts from Austria and Germany. Each plastic part of VOCIER luggage uses a type of plastic that best fits its purpose. For highly stressed parts we use a material from BASF, which is fiber-reinforced and impact resistant. This material is much stronger and tougher than conventional plastic parts, but also much more expensive. The metal parts are PVD-coated which makes them three times as expensive as conventional metal parts, but makes the color far more durable. We only use original YKK metal zippers for their machining precision and durability, and extensively use aluminum and magnesium in our lightweight construction. It all costs more, but the final product speaks for itself in design, quality, and durability.

Please read our guide on the best way to pack your VOCIER luggage. If you have any questions or feedback about your VOCIER product, please contact us.

The only difference between the C38/CP38 and F38 is in the materials we use for production. The materials we use for the F38 are sourced from a small family-run tannery in Tuscany, Italy. They have specialized since three generations in the finest and most durable Italian leathers. The hide comes from ethically-treated animals in Switzerland or France which are among the most luxurious hides once can purchase. The smooth metal zippers are from an YKK. They specialize in high-end zippers that are commonly used by the world’s most exclusive leather producers.  Only the finest materials have been selected for this exquisite top of the range collection. The materials used for the C38/CP38 are a bit more functional (nylon is more tear resistant and lighter compared to leather). However, the trimmings are also done in the same, fine Italian leather. This could be your choice if you are more interested in lighter weight and easier care, however all of our products when treated carefully will last a lifetime. The C38 Pure is a lighter version of the C38.

You can see all the feature comparisons in the table here -->


Each of our suitcase models has a slightly different weight due to the dimensions and materials used. Please refer to each product page, where we provide this information and more!

Yes! The guideline for hand luggage is uniform worldwide: The defined dimension is the IATA dimension with 115 cm or 45 inch belt dimension. All VOCIER trolleys have the dimensions (LxWxH) 55 x 40 x 20 cm = 115 cm. Many VOCIER customers are frequent flyers who fly with all airlines around the world and take their VOCIER Trolley on board as cabin luggage without any problems. A special case are low-cost airlines like Ryanair who often have fare-based restrictions on carry-on luggage. In their "premium" booking classes, you can take the VOCIER Trolley on board, as it complies with the Ryanair dimensions. VOCIER hand luggage is welcome on scheduled airlines such as Lufthansa. You can recognize this by the fact that you can buy VOCIER in the Lufthansa Worldshop.  

Customers sometimes ask how to pack shirts with Zero Crease. We generally recommend using the inside compartment, not in the wrinkle-free suit bag. The reason is that - while in principle shirts should do just as fine as suits - in practice their fabric is much thinner and lighter. As a result, it is very easy to misalign numerous shirts on top of each other while putting them on the hanger. This then may result in wrinkles. Numerous layers of fabric (such as when a shirt and suit are combined) may also result in too much volume, and thus too much pressure, which leads to wrinkling. We therefore recommend our customers to carry shirts in the inside compartment and use the suit bag for suits, or other wrinkle-free apparel.

We'd are happy to provide any additional accessories that you desire. Please contact us via and we'll take care of you!

Click here for Hangers.

Packing suits and dresses is easy with VOCIER, and you can carry up to two of each, wrinkle-free. To carry two suits at the same time, place the sleeve of one jacket into sleeves of the outer jacket. Dresses can simply be placed one on top of the other. All our ZeroCrease carry-ons include a hanger on which your fine clothing can be packed, and then hung neatly at your destination.

Luggage cleaning on our nylon carry-on trolley (C38) is quite simple . You can just use a cotton cloth, and wipe your luggage with water. There should be no need for a cleaning agent. For cleaning and nourishing our leather F-Collection, we recommend Renovateur Luxury Leather Care by Saphir.

Absolutely not! While wrinkle-free apparel while traveling is what we're all about, we designed our luggage so that these compartments are optional depending on whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. Equally, our patented ZeroCrease™ concept works equally well for other apparel as it does for suits. Use ZeroCrease™ for sport coats, gowns, dresses, pant suits, and tuxedos.


We accept:
Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, JCB and Union Pay), Direct E-banking, EPS, Giropay, iDeal- Invoice and Rate Pay by Klarna if applicable, Paypal, SOFORT, WeChat Pay, Alipay and a growing list of other payment providers. Please contact us directly if your method of payment is not listed and we will do our best to accommodate you!

To make changes to online orders, please email us at We will try our best to accommodate your request. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to change your order as it may have already shipped. Please send an e-mail with your order number and the changes you want to make, such as an updated address or different item.

Note that our office hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Central European Time.

Order with complete confidence. We use industry-leading encryption via SSL certificates for all our e-commerce transactions, and have selected payment processors with a proven security track record. However, if you prefer not to place your order through our website feel free to call us, or email us at We are happy to process your order via email.

For shipments outside of the EU we do not collect VAT or any other tax. Please note that depending on your country's tax laws, buyer purchase tax or import duties may apply and remain your responsibility. Of course we are here to help - in case of any questions about duties or issues with your shipment, please contact us at We will help to facilitate the process so you can relax and enjoy your VOCIER purchase.

DDP services are currently provided to: Switzerland and Norway. This means that import duties are already paid.

Please note that UK customers will pay the import duties as of the 26.09.23 for orders, returns, replacements and repairs.

Follow these simple steps for placing an online order at

1) Place the products you want to purchase in the cart.

2) Proceed to the check-out to complete your purchase.

3) Once at the check-out page, fill in all the required information.

4) Choose a payment method.

5) Confirm your purchase by completing the payment after which a confirmation e-mail will follow.

If you require further assistance please directly contact our customer service at

You can check the status of your order anytime. To do so: 1) Log in to your VOCIER account 2) Under ‘Recent Orders,’ select your order 3) From here, you can view order details and track your order(s) You can also access your order info through your confirmation e-mail. Additionally, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking link once your order is shipped.

You are not required to create an account when making a purchase, however having an account makes it easier to follow-up on any completed orders as well as making any future orders.

Wholesale opportunities are always interesting to us. We have a growing list of wholesale partners, and are looking to expand. We are happy to discuss your needs and requirements with you personally. Please email us at if you would like to discuss potential business opportunities.


We offer free shipping for orders above 100 Euro and returns to the EU and US (except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). Please look up the international shipping fees in our Shipping policy.

Note that depending on your location, duties may be charged by your import authority.

VOCIER ships to almost every country in the world.

Please note that we are currently not shipping to Russia.

For information about the delivery times to your location, please look up our Shipping policy

We provide package insurance which covers all goods against theft and accidental damage whilst in transit from VOCIER to their final shipping address. Once an item is delivered and signed for, it is no longer covered by insurance. In rare instances a box may arrive damaged in transport. We recommend you either refuse delivery, or make a note when signing that you’re accepting a damaged box. If you find damage after inspecting your purchase, please contact us immediately so we can promptly make it right!

When your order is dispatched we’ll send you an email confirming your order tracking details, including shipping details and tracking number. In some cases, VOCIER will drop ship for one of our retail partners. In this case, the shipping details will be provided by our retail partner. Please note that VOCIER does not have any control over delays caused by destination customs.

In case you ordered a parcel to the wrong address, the package will be returned to us. Once received and refunded, you can re-order the item(s).

Warranty & returns

We take great pride in making the highest-quality luggage available. That said, manufacturing issues can happen every now and then, so we have an accommodating warranty and return policy because we know how important happy customers are!

We believe that we design and produce great products, and hope that you enjoy your experience with VOCIER. However, if there is a problem with one of our products, please tell us. We will solve your problem quickly and transparently.

Luggage products can be returned free-of-charge within 100 days from date of purchase for a full refund. All other products can only be returned within 30 days. If shipping fees have been incurred they are non refundable.

Final Sale products can not be returned and lifetime warranty is limited. Products can only be replaced by same value items.

Simply email us at and we will issue you a return authorization. Please note that monogrammed items are not eligible for return, although our warranty policy still applies. Please note that items have to be returned unused and in its original packaging (e.g.: dust bag) to be eligible for a full refund. In case the products are not in their original packaging or the dust bag is missing a re-stocking fee will be charged. We charge a re-stocking fee of 30 EUR / 30 USD in order to restore the product to saleable status.

If you have purchased two or more items as part of our luggage sets and bundles and wish to return only one or more items from these sets, the difference in price between the full-priced item and the discount will be deducted from the reimbursement. In the rare case of a manufacturing problem, please contact us directly. We will make sure your issue is solved immediately.

Final Sale:

In Germany you are entitled to a 14-day statutory right of withdrawal without giving any reason for doing so. The deadline for withdrawal shall be fourteen (14) days from the date on which you or a third party you have appointed, takes possession of the final goods delivered. Return shipping is at the buyers expense. Lifetime warranty does not apply on final sale items.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty policy against all manufacturing defects on our luggage products. If it breaks and it's not your or your airline's fault, we'll fix it free of charge.

This limited lifetime warranty applies to the following defects:

Cracks or breaks in the shell: Always covered

Wheels: Covered for normal use up to 2 years (breaking off, or other immobilization defects) but does not include cleaning or tire replacement

Handles and/or telescoping handles: When breaking off and are no longer usable, always covered

Zippers: When they no longer be opened or closed for normal use up to 2 years. If zippers are not used following care instructions damage is not covered.

This limited lifetime warranty does not cover the following:

“Cosmetic Damage” which is defined as scratches, dents, scuffs, stains, color changes, normal wear and tear, or other non-functional changes in the appearance of the product that occur during normal handling and use of the product by any party and which do not impair the functionality of the product as intended.

Repairs: Not covered by lifetime warranty

Re-purposed products (Samples, pre-returned products, gently used): Not covered

Customer has the right to one replacement for the lifetime when applicable.

Import duties and fees may be aplicable when the repaired product is older than three years. These duties and fees are not covered by VOCIER.

It does not cover: Any product sold by resellers who are not authorized retailers or which has previously been owned, purchased or used by another consumer. 

This warranty does not apply, however, if the issue is caused by "normal-use" wear and tear, improper use, faulty operation, or externally occurring forces (particularly flight or transport damage, e.g. deformation, cracks, body breakages, scratches, wear etc.). We recommend having the product inspected by a third party immediately after retrieval from transport handling and immediately reporting any damage to the carrier (e.g. airline or railway company) who is insured against this.

This limited lifetime warranty extends to the original purchaser of VOCIER product only. To clarify:

1) If you purchased the product directly from our website (, you are considered the original purchaser, and you can therefore contact our customer service directly at

2) If you have received the product as a gift , the original purchaser would need to contact for any service questions. 

3) If you have purchased your Vocier product from one of our Authorized Retailers, please contact the retailer for any service related questions. Please provide a copy of the purchase receipt, as your retailer will need it to verify the purchase.

4) In the exceptional case that you are denied service by the retailer (or the retailer no longer exists), you can contact us at with your questions, a scan of the purchase receipt, and a description and/or picture of the issue. 

All VOCIER warranties, including any implied warranties, are valid only for the period of time the VOCIER product is owned by the original purchaser/ recipient of the product. A copy of the purchase receipt is required to determine warranty applicability.

In the event of a defect, VOCIER's sole and exclusive liability and your sole remedy under this limited lifetime Warranty will be, at VOCIER's option, to provide repaired product or replacement product. For limited lifetime edition, discontinued or out-of-stock products, VOCIER guarantees only replacement of a product with equal retail value. Final sale items are not covered by the lifetime warranty.

Please note that you need to follow the following procedure for returns. Otherwise your return will not be processed,

We strive to provide the best returns and exchanges process possible. Please send us your return or exchange request via email to Once we have received your request, we will issue a pre-paid return label through UPS, FedEx or DPD. You then have to drop-off the package including the pre-paid UPS /FedEx/ DPD return label at your nearest service point. The service is offered free of charge for all our customers.

Please note that Vocier does not cover the return costs for final sale items. Free return is only applicable for regular items, not final sale.

Please note that for repairs the customer has to cover the costs for returning the items to Vocier. Once repaired items shipping costs will be covered by Vocier.

Once your return has been accepted at our warehouse, please allow up to 6 weeks to complete the returns process. Once the process is finished, you will receive an email. The funds will then be transferred back to your payment account.