Guaranteed, for life.

Warranty & Materials


We truly put a lot effort into ensuring that we're bringing you high-quality luggage, bags and accessories. When you buy something, you should buy it once and have it for life - it's kinder to the environment and better for your wallet! Our promise to you is that if there something is wrong with your purchase we will do whatever we can to fix it. Our limited lifetime warranty policy covers any issues with the wheels, handle mechanisms, zippers that can no longer be opened or closed and fabric tears that happen during normal use. Damage during transit can usually be reimbursed by your airline/transportation provider.

We really do stand behind our products - if something breaks due to fault on our part, just let us know - we'll cover return shipping and we'll repair or replace it immediately! Our customer service is based in Germany, and is available in both English and German. See our full warranty terms here.


Quality, guaranteed.

Order issues? Problem with your purchase?
Impeccable materials.

From the outset, we wanted to focus on making sure our products would last a lifetime. Poorly made products contribute significantly to landfills, and  we believe you should only have to buy something once. We also knew that we wanted our travel bags to be hand-made with the finest materials and fabrics worldwide, using only the best leather source nearby to our design office in Italy.

There were already enough purely utilitarian cheaper travel bags on the market, but we wanted to go a different route combining proven practicality, sophistication and high quality necessary to meet the demands of frequent travellers. Ergonomic, lightweight and - in our humble opinion - beautiful, our IATA carry-on approved luggage and accessories bags are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

BASF German injected plastic
Shown on C38 Carry-on Luggage

YKK Excella Japanese zippers
Shown on F38 Brown Leather Carry-on

Tuscan Italian leather
Shown on F38 Black Leather Carry-on