How it all began

It all started with a question: Why is it so hard to travel without wrinkling nice clothes?

Michael Kogelnik and Vinzent Wuttke started their early careers in finance and spent a lot of time flying around the world. They always felt a bit frustrated by traditional travel gear and big-name luggage brands. No matter how many carry-ons they tried, they couldn't seem to find any that would keep the promises to keep suits wrinkle-free, or else found them difficult to use and bulky. And they were both getting tired of hotel ironing boards and paying for dry-cleaning - time that could be much better spent prepping for meetings or finding a place for dinner.

‘’I had been designing clothes and bags as a passion since I was a teenager,"  says Michael - VOCIER’s founder and head product designer, "As much as I was enjoying working in the finance world, I couldn't get this problem out of my head. I knew that with some innovation and design it could be solved, and in an elegant way. So I took a leap...I resigned from my day-job and embarked on the huge journey of starting a new company. Armed with a degree in industrial design and with years of travel experience under my belt I decided there was no better place to start, than with making the carry-on I had always wished existed".

Notebooks piled up. Designs were agonizingly created - tested - and scratched when they didn't perform to standard. Fourteen prototypes later, Michael had finally settled on the winning design. Once the first piece had been made, he was able to persuade Vinzent to leave his comfortable job and join his mission of making high-quality and innovative travel gear. To raise initial capital, they successfully appealed to a small group of private investors in Michael’s hometown of Vienna, and this enabled the two former bankers to trade in the spreadsheets (well, most of them) and focus on designing the innovative luggage system that has disrupted the luxury travel industry.

No corners. No pressure. No wrinkles.
Zero Crease™

Now to the wrinkles. What causes them? Two things: pressure, and a tight radius. If you can eliminate both, you can eliminate wrinkles, and this was always a goal for VOCIER.

Traditional bags wrinkle clothes because of their tight corners and the internal packing pressure that is placed on the garments. VOCIER's carry-ons avoid this both by gently rolling apparel rather than folding it, and then by avoiding the application of pressure. To avoid over-packing and placing pressure against the garment bag, the Zero Crease liner is actually suspended within the luggage and additionally acts as a cushioned compartment, into which all additional apparel and shoes are packed.

Business & Pleasure

It doesn't matter whether you're flying private or commercial - if you love to travel then you deserve to have long-lasting, beautiful luggage. We believe that when you buy something once, you should have it for life.

A material point

After we had the mechanics of the C38 solved, we needed to ensure the materials would live up to our overall concept. So, we set out to source the best materials from around the world.  It took 14 different prototypes before we were satisfied with our original C38’s functional design. We traveled the world in search of the right materials. By the end, we had sampled hundreds of fabrics and base materials, and toured 5 different manufacturers before finalizing the basic components. Every stitch was agonized over...we changed our zipper supplier four times, just to make sure we got it right. Demos were built, tested and destroyed in an effort to evaluate their weak points. After more than 3 years of development and refinement, we were finally satisfied with the final product: the most stylish and upscale wrinkle-free garment bag on the market today. That commitment to detail and quality has continued as our product line-up has expanded, and will always be the foundation of VOCIER.

Tuscan Leather and PVD metal fittings
Shown on original F25 briefcase

YKK Excella reverse zippers
Shown on C38 carry-on