Business Backpacks

Our timeless business backpacks made from full grain Italian leather are designed to perfectly pair your elegant business attire. The perfect choice for anyone who enjoys comfort on their commute or travels without sacrificing style.

Business Backpacks for frequent travelers

Whether you are a frequent flyer, going on business trips regularly, or commuting daily to the office – a professional business backpack will make your life on the road easier. Because with a functional backpack, you will always have all your office essentials right at hand: laptop and chargers, smartphone and credit cards, passport and pens. You can buy a business backpack as an alternative to a business briefcase. Or you discover that you need both varieties because they meet different requirements of your everyday life. Either way, when you decide to add it to your carry-on collection, a backpack gives you the advantage of hands-free travel.

Choosing the business backpack that’s right for you is no rocket science. There are certainly important features that you can’t do without. Besides, you will look for clever details and a design that will match your style and high standards. Additionally, being a frequent business traveler, you might prefer backpacks made from luxurious leather that emphasize your self-confidence and professionalism. Let’s take a deeper look:

Unlike a classic briefcase, a business backpack has almost always a vertical design. One of its main features you certainly look for is a separate, padded compartment for a 15” laptop – because you want to make sure that your device fits in comfortably and is always securely stored when you’re on the road. Moreover, you will need a smartly-designed interior, and internal as well as external pockets to hold various items, giving you easy access to travel or office necessities. And don’t forget an important detail: make sure you will get the best metal zippers for your bag and its pockets.

Talking about durable materials, what about choosing backpacks made from black or brown leather, or from premium nylon? These top materials will take care that your luggage will support your travels for many years to come, and still looking beautiful. Finally, there’s the carrying system: the shoulder straps should be easy on your body and be ready to firmly hold your bag in any situation. But a backpack for the modern business traveler should be about more than just necessary features and a thoughtful, practical design. Since you spend so many hours on flights, on commutes, or in the office – why not treat yourself with a luxurious business backpack that could be your sleek, stylish travel companion for life?

After all, like your business clothing, your luggage can be a statement of your personality and style. That’s why the best backpacks combine not only great design, precious materials, and functional variety – but also add a touch of elegance and shine. So, however you choose to dress for the day, business attire or casual, your favorite backpack will always be your matching travel accessory. Elegant Italian leather or first-class, lightweight nylon: find the backpack that will perfectly suit yourself and your individual travel needs.
You think there’s no such thing as the perfect business backpack? Think again. Our Legacy Collection offers different types of timeless backpacks with advanced, functional designs and a thoughtfully-designed interior.

The F30 Business Backpack is made of full grain Italian leather, available in black or brown color. It will perfectly match your elegant business attire and it’s a great choice for anyone who enjoys comfort on their travels or daily commutes without sacrificing style. The CP30 and the C30 Business Backpacks are made of exquisite, premium nylon fabric. They are even lighter than the leather backpack, but just as durable – a great choice for more casual occasions.

With their reasonable dimensions (L31 x W16 x H44) and a well-organized, roomy interior, all models are perfectly suited for a lifestyle on the go. Carrying them will give you the advantage of keeping your hands free while traveling, or at events and trade shows. When you look at these bags, it is pretty obvious that you neither have to compromise on functionality, nor style and design when choosing the right business backpack online or in a store.
VOCIER’s luxury collection of backpacks is designed with frequent flyers and business travelers in mind. They offer lots of practical features, modern design and a sleek elegance – perfectly combining form and function in a way that will always let you travel comfortably and in style.

Like all our luggage, our versatile backpacks are designed to complement your traveling lifestyle. With their functional design and useful features, they support you on your trips abroad or while commuting to and from the office. Laptop compartment and zippered pockets for everything you need for your travel and your office? Check. Shoulder straps that fit comfortably and firmly hold your backpack? Check. Highly-resistant materials that will never let you down? Check.

Most of our luggage pieces are crafted by hand, with a lot attention to detail and using the best materials worldwide. When you discover the outstanding quality of our products, you will understand why we back it up with a lifetime warranty. Tip: If you want to build a complete travel look for yourself – the backpacks of the Legacy Collection perfectly match the Legacy Carry-on suitcases in materials, functionality and thoughtful designs.
What do you expect from a business backpack? Ours will let you stay organized and make your travels smooth and stylish. Carry your office comfortably on your back, stroll effortlessly through the city, and navigate the airport hassle-free. Our backpacks offer you two main compartments as well as a separate, padded sleeve for a laptop up to 15". Using exterior and interior organization pockets, you can store all your business and travel essentials, like smartphone and chargers, credit cards and keys, passport and pens. The advantage of a well-structured and spacious interior is obvious: It just looks more professional when you’re able to retrieve your important documents from your bag in a second – compared to rummage through your belongings in the middle of a meeting or during this important appointment.

Finished with luxurious and long-lasting YKK Excella zippers as well as ergonomic shoulder straps, our bags give you confidence in never-ending functionality. This also shows in another important feature: As with all of our Legacy accessories, our business backpacks are designed to seamlessly and securely attach to the handle of our Legacy Carry-on luggage via a dedicated luggage sleeve on the back – for added convenience while traveling. Because what’s better than carrying your stuff comfortably on your back? It’s carrying your backpack with the help of a smoothly running 2-wheel suitcase.
So, what can you expect from VOCIER’s business backpacks? Whether made from finest Italian leather or from lightweight premium nylon – our luxurious backpacks are designed to make your trips comfortable and free of the hassles of everyday travel. They will surprise you with their lightweight design, making them your ideal travel accessory. No matter which backpack model you decide to buy, you will benefit from its robust exterior. Our leather finishing and nylon fabric are durable, waterproof and offer you a high resistance against abrasion.
Our business backpacks are unpretentious, yet they carry their aura of luxury consciously and confidently. They are finished by hand, with each stitch made to last a lifetime of travels. Did we mention that we back our products up with a limited lifetime warranty? The black and brown leather we use for our F30 model is a soft, beautifully supple, but resistant leather from the Italian region of Tuscany. We visited dozens of the best leather manufacturers all over the world until we were satisfied with a material that would stand up to our scrutiny – and meet your business travel needs and requirements.

Likewise, the water- and abrasion-resistant nylon that adorns out CP 30 and C30 models will provide you with premium durability. You may ask yourself: what are the best materials for a business backpack? Being frequent travelers ourselves, we know from experience that you should look further than just the exterior finishing of leather or nylon. The unique quality of the cotton twill we use for the interior of our backpacks is equally important. And don’t forget the exquisite metal YKK Excella™ and YYK reversed zippers that round out the benefits of our innovative, one of a kind business luggage.
The best business backpack is the one that won’t let you have second thoughts. Because if you are satisfied with your purchase, you will never look back. You could search endlessly for it, being overwhelmed by the selection of traditional luggage. Or you could opt for the perfect travel companion: a business backpack that will give you freedom of movement and helps you stay on top of things at the same time. One with sufficient storage space, with smartly divided inner compartments and various additional pockets, one that is giving you access to all your business essentials in an instant, without wasting time searching for important items, and that will serve you loyally on all your travel for many years to come.

So, if you are looking for luggage that is functional and perfect for commutes of any length. If you are a style-conscious business traveler who wants functionality paired with elegance when choosing the right backpack – then this is our final bit of advice: you can discover the most luxurious take on the classic business backpack right here.