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an excellent tool for travelers

an excellent tool for travelers, it is ideal to be sure to take this important document with you before a trip

C12 Dopp Kit
Andrea N.
Husband Loves It

Bought it to go with his bag

C23 Nylon Briefcase
Francisco V.
Awesome design and functionality

It is a great item. I am more than happy with it

Compact briefcase

Nice briefcase fitting to the legacy trolley c38. It is a bit tight, so check before if your equipment fits. Unfortunately Vocier does not provide the right size data.

C34 Duffel Bag
Charlie M.
Love the structure of the bag

The bag is the perfect size for a weekend trip and it's non collapsible structure is perfect for protecting my packed stuff. It also survives well being thrown around along with other checked baggage. Definitely will be purchasing other products from this brand!

Weekender Bag
Alonzo H.
My Stylish Weekend Bag!!

I am over the moon!! The bag is beautiful! I was complimented several times on its looks. It functions as I hoped it would! I Love it!!

Wayne C.
Vocier Backpack

The leather design is unique and very useful for compartment access and use. This facilitates its use as a carry on personal item aboard commercial aircraft.

Classic Bifold
Thomas R.C.
Well made. High quality. Slim.looks good

Same as above

Avant 1.0 is a high-quality carry-on luggage

Avant series is what has motivated me to purchase carry-on luggages from Vocier. I also previously purchased a version 2.0, which had a couple of enhancement over version 1,0 like the wider and zipped back pocket outside the luggage as well as Nylon cover over the handles to reduce scratch and dent. Still, version 1.0 is a very solid carry-on luggage and an attractive choice with the current clerance price if there is no more leftover of version 2.0. I wish that Vocier is considering the revitalization of the Avant line and bring back accessories such as Briefcase, Work bag, and Holdall to allow owners the opportunity to experience the latch system to meaningfully expand the luggage capacity. The modular luggage system concept introduced in Avant is ingenious in my humble opinion, so I look forward to Avant version 3.0 . Last but not least, it would be wonderful news when Vocier ventures into checked bag product lines.

Sling Bag
Cristobal P.R.
Tolle Qualität

Tolle tasche

Carry-On Luggage 1.0
Francisco V.
The best carry on ever

I really love the design and the space design. 2 Suits fit perfectly.

Very high quality travel gear.

I love my F38 Cary on! The leather is nice , smooth, and soft! The hardware it also very high quality. Just the type of luggage I wanted.

Carry-On Luggage 1.0
Vocier 1.0 and 2.0

I purchased the Vocier 2.0 for myself a few months ago! I just purchased two of the 1.0 luggages for my kids for Christmas. So of course they are still boxed up. But I will say the 2.0 so far has been really nice piece to have. I have been able to use it on a trip I took back at the end of October. It's made really well and has some different accessories that you can purchase Wich is nice. I only wish they had check luggage that you could purchase. I would like to have a complete set. But the 2.0 is well worth the money.

Anything Voicer is Fabulous

It does just what it says. So well made and perfect for what it is intended for.

Excellent quality wallet and the AirTag fits perfectly

Sling Bag
Claus P.
All in all a nice bag

Beautiful bag, very well made, with many small compartments.
Unfortunately I have to decide, I want to pack my iPad pro, or my sunglasses, to get both inside the bag is missing 1.5cm in width.

Best briefcase I’ve owned

Tons of storage, looks amazing, and love the suitcase sleeve

C34 Duffel Bag
Paulyette E.
great duffle bag

I always get comments when traveling with the c pure carry on and the duffle bag. They look so sleek and sophisticated!

Excellent quality and functionality.

Vocier AirTag charm

The Vocier AirTag charm is a characteristically beautiful and tasteful accompaniment to my Vocier briefcase and hand luggage. Discrete yet stylish. I have already used it on a transatlantic trip to locate my luggage.

P55 Review

Extremely stylish. I get tons of compliments from fellow travelers. Interior compartments are perfect. Ideally, could be a tad bit larger.


Very nice .. and Excellent

Classy and efficient

Named like a 2nd-WW American fighter plane, the P55 has delivered the classy looks without disappointment in the efficiency department. Initially, I had my doubts about the prominent handle thinking it was just for style, but it has come surprisingly handy. Inside, having zippered closing partitions on both sides might have prevented full packing, but I was glad to see that they were both flexible enough and strong enough to stretch over the extra bulk when needed. A slight question mark hangs over the main closing zipper, which seems very sturdy, but can get a little stiff to move at the corners of the case. The good news is that the fuller the suitcase is packed the better it performs. Overall, I'm delighted with the suitcase and looking to a larger model to complete my luggage : )


I’m always proud of my vocier products!!!

Sling Bag
Marco M.
A brilliant add on for travel convenience

The sling bag is a well designed bag that helps me stay organized and nimble when traveling. And it brings highest quality, a consistent characteristic of Vocier