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A Proper Gentleman’s Luggage

This carry bag sets you apart from all other travelers. I received so many compliments as I walked through the airport, on a recent trip using the F38. The design and build gives a luxury yet settle look that makes you stand out. I look this bag.


Love the product

WOW I Love My New Bag

The Vocier Carry On F38 is so well made, so conveniently designed and definitly catches other travelers eyes in the airport. Thanks Vocier -

F34 Duffel Bag
andrew C.
Great Duffel Bag

Excellent quality and perfect size for short trips

CP34 Duffel Bag Review

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Fine quality and looks. I also like the size of the bag.

F34 Duffel Bag
Robert G.
My Vocier

I love the design and functionality of my new bag. It holds a lot, keeps my suits and shirts flat and the extra access zipper is something I use all the time . Also kudos to the team for great service …

CP34 Duffel Bag
Martin B.


Acceptable as carry-on luggage?

I purchased the leather one and the bag empty is heavy already. Placed due by side with my Rimowa carry on luggage is looks to be over the limit. But the proof is using it in travel. When this is allowed vis a vis the current pandemic then I will know definitely.

Hi Jack, thanks for your review - we appreciate it!

The F38 Carry-on luggage that you purchased complies with the industry standard IATA size for carry-on with 55x40x20cm which works for most major airlines worldwide. The size of a RIMOWA luggage is 55x50x23cm therefore being even a bit bigger in size.

We have over 20,000 customers and never had a complaint about now being able to bring the luggage due to not meeting the carry-on restrictions.

Hope you enjoy your beautiful piece for many years to come.

Kind regards,
Vinzent Wuttke

C34 Duffel Bag
John B.L.

The C34 Duffel is built to travel. The quality of its construction makes it a work horse that looks like a show pony. Proportions are nearly perfect. An inside sleeve for stowing a laptop would be useful.

Briefcase of Quality

Easily the most stylish and well designed case I have seen on the Market.

Delighted with the space, sections and pockets.

A success is when an everyday work item is used without complications. Vociers briefcase is a case in point.

F34 Duffel Bag
Sebastian R.
Timeless travel bag

High quality design and materials

tolle Qualität

meien Lieblingstasche!

Beautiful and beautifully made

F34 Duffel Bag
Claus P.
Nice Duffel Bag

this duffel bag is a very good completion to the F38 and the F26!
Great quality - great design!

Love it

The wallet is great item and is very well made

F34 Duffel Bag
Andrew R.

Recently bought and used duffel bag for a weekend away. Very happy with the product. Excellent quality

Superb Trolley

The delivery very quick. The quality of the Trolley is super, a very soft leather combined with a stable construct. The inlay has also a soft touch and there is plenty of space for all your goods.

All for Vocier

Travel can be helped with top class, fit for purpose cases and bags.

Vocier provide the best of the best.

Style, design and practicality..

Recommended to all

when I ordered the large travel wallet, I was hoping that it could work as a case to store my tablet and other documents. It is too small for that purpose, but the large DOPP kit works well and its design seems to provide additional protection.
We do like the travel wallet because there is ample room for passports & other travel documents, and it can be hung on the handle bar of the carry-on, which can free up at least one of your hands for other purposes.

we are looking forward to trying everything out when travel again becomes a reality.............

Large Dopp Kit
Donald M.
Large DOPP Kit

The Dopp kit will come in handy for us, when we are able to resume our travels. It is large enough that we can use it for a number of things, such as our tablet. We though that the travel wallet would be large enough (but not so). However, we think that the Dopp kit might work just fine: since it is very sturdy & easy to access with your luggage, it will probably provide some good protection, too!
DON & MARLENE from Canada

Great materials .very classy and professional look ..

Top should have a handle

Not sure what that clip on top is for, but that’s where a strong handle should be. Otherwise I love it. Also, too wide for airplane aisle- big fo-pa unless traveling first class

F38 Carry On & F12 Dopp Kitt

As a birthday gift, my wife bought me the F38 Carry On in brown. Then, the pandemic hit, and the bag and I were grounded. Fast forward to 2021, this domestic nomadic gentleman is once again exploring. So, here is my review on the F38.

I believe in traveling with style. The design of the F38 is elegant, the leather is rich, and the quality of construction is evident. To that end, it is the perfect travel accessory.

For my 3–4-day excursion, I was able to pack the necessary wardrobe for all my activities including a suit and extra pair of shoes. But, not without taking out the center compartment. There would have been no way to fit a pair of Allen Edmunds in that compartment along with 3-4 days of clothes. Once removed it was plenty of space, but then you lose the ability to separate the dopp kitt, socks, and underwear from the rest of your wardrobe. Nevertheless, it still works.

To use this bag, you must be an experienced nomad when it comes to efficient packing. On the outbound, I packed a sports coat along with my suit. Since the F38 can accommodate two suits, it would have been nice to have an extra hanger and hangar connection for the suits to travel independently. I also packed my dress shirts in the garment section which worked but was probably not as efficient had they been folded.

With the inner compartment installed, the access pocket is the perfect place for the F12 dopp kitt, socks, and underwear. However, once the inner compartment is removed, it did not make sense to put your dopp kitt adjacent to the zipper for the access pocket. The website says the access pocket can be used to access a laptop, but this is not practical. If your clothes are folded, pulling out a laptop would only wrinkle them and with the inner compartment installed, a laptop definitely will not fit. Besides, most nomads carry a backpack or briefcase.

While the exterior of the bag was quite handsome, there were areas where it could be more functional. The hidden document pocket in the telescopic handle is too small. My passport is housed in a leather wallet, but the wallet will not fit in the document pocket, only the passport. Also, the new larger Samsung Note and iPhone with a case do not fit in the document pocket. After retracting the telescopic handle there needs to be a real handle on that side of the bag for lifting. Maybe that is what the magnetic strap is for, but I was afraid it was not sturdy enough for continued use. This is necessary when lifting the bag or pulling it out of the overhead bin. On occasion, I liked to carry my bag by the actual handle opposite the telescopic handle. But I cannot sit it down in this position as it will fall over. Because the side opposite this handle is the sexy side of the bag, I am not sure how this can be resolved without taking away from the character of the bag.

I found the F12 dopp kitt, which I own, to be the perfect size. However, the 1.7 oz bottles that come with it are too large, so I did not use them. In the travel section of most pharmacy stores, face wash and deodorant are sold in 1 oz bottles which are sufficient for 3-4 days. Ironically, the travel size mouthwash is 3.2 oz yet it is the same size as the 1.7 oz bottles that come with the F12. Go figure.

Considering I have only been on one trip with my F38, I would give it 4 stars. I think we need to get to know each other better to understand how well we function as a team. In time.

First impression

First impression is very good. The looks, use en feel are above expected.

Haven’t used it yet, but have some initial impressions

I like the appearance, but have a few concerns about it (full disclosure - I have not traveled with it yet). The bag is very sturdy, perhaps too rigid. Seems like a lot of space is consumed with the frame, and given my primary reason for purchasing it was to address the smaller plane issue,I may be limited in its use for a 1 or 2 day trip, but that would probably be it.