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Great quality

Excellent/prompt service s


Beautiful trolley

Beautiful trolley
It is smart and has enough capacity.
I'm looking forward to moving.

Absolutely Gorgeous

For Christmas, I treated myself to this bag and am so happy I did. It’s gorgeous and well designed. Function and beauty - what more could I ask for. Thanks

Like all other pieces of luggage, also this one will become an essential

Vocier has been a trusted partner for all my travel lugagge needs and with this Holdall Bag I am completing the whole set of high quality and durable items.

Men or women

I bought this bag instead the men’s one because I liked it more. I prefer the longer side of the bag at the bottom and not at the side. It’s a very good quality bag and useful.
Compré este bolso en lugar del de hombre porque me gustó más. Prefiero el lado más largo de la bolsa en la parte inferior y no en el lateral. Es un bolso de muy buena calidad y útil.


Ideal for an iPad and some smaller stuff! Phone etc.

Great Wallet! Lots of storage, made to last

We just received the Large Travel Wallets and it fits not only perfect to our Avant Trolley, but it gives great value for its price. The zippers give you great access to you cards and whatever while the side straps ensure it does not fully flip open thereby securing also content like boarding passes or other looser things you might store. It gives me a lot of peace of heart while on the road ....

Like but haven’t tested

I very much like the design of this bag and flexibility of add on pieces. I purchased because the design of the handle is similar to my LV bag but more suited towards business travel. Sadly what appears to be a metal finish on the handle is a plastic finish that deters from the look of the bag. If an upscale version were offered for an up charge I would be willing to pay up charge for better looking finish on the handle. The bag is also geared towards a male clientele and is very masculine. I would consider offering a gold finish on the bag that would appeal more to female consumer. Overall nicely designed bag but a little lacking on finishes.


all it's fine and good

all good

fast delivery and great product

Zero crease.

Absolutely top notch!

Wow Products

Yes, it is a super dope products. I liked. Now I am visiting abroad with your all comfy product and all are very useful and strong enough to handle 💪. Thank you so much.

Love my Zero Crease VOCIER!

Good things as follows:
*Good quality with beautiful design. 
*Travel with style with the clip on computer handbag.
(Love to add some security clip with the main case)
*The wheels are very smooth.
*Its very good for a short trip when you need to pack a suit. 
*Very spacious
* Appreciated for the reliable and efficient delivery services and follow up.
Need some improvement as follows:
* The handle is too tight and it’s hard to get my fingers into the handle. 
* It’s a bit heavy after I pack my case. 
* Hope you can provide a VOCIER lock for the case. 
* The clip on Computer handbag is easy to stole by someone.  So please add the security lock with the main case. 
*A proper introduction and Maintainance information should provide inside the package. 

high quality, style and function

Vocier quality is no question. The shape of the bag is timeless modern.
I like really the magnetic locking with the 4-roller carry on.
I would recommend in a next generation two improvements: a little expansion space for a thicker notebook and a tricky locking of the back to the 4-roller carry on as I am afraid the bag could be taken too easy!
But I am more then satisfied ;-)

Useful and handsome

Great addition to the vocier carryon luggage.

all good

fast. delivery and great product



Zero Crease™ Compartment

Excellent detail, very practical.

I could never imagine, how practical can be a luggage compartement.

Zero Crease

A Flyer (pictographic) how to best use the appliance would enhance the usability.

Beautiful but too narrow

Lovely design and fits on the suitcase for ease.

The depth of the holder means that I struggle to put an iPhone and passport in there at the same time. I have a iPhone XS and putting a phone and the passport in the wallet bends the wallet and over time would damage the passport, and other cards in the wallet if is used as somebody’s main travel wallet. It would not be able to hold cables or ear buds if it already holds a passport and phone.

Due to this I wouldn’t use this as a wallet with coins, but I will use it to have travel documents to hand while in an airport, which is the main purpose I bought it for.

I didn’t realise when I looked at this before that the depth of the buckle and mechanism which clips the holder onto the suitcase takes up 1cm of the 3.5cm depth (meaning the inside depth of the wallet is only 2cm deep). I think adding an extra 1.5cm to the depth of the wallet would help make this holder more versatile while not compromising on the size.

Nothing to be improved

Best business case i ve reviewed and finally bought! Thank you!!!

F25 briefcase

Very nice briefcase and great to have the set complete. Very pleased with the quality and yhe other products