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Classy and efficient

Named like a 2nd-WW American fighter plane, the P55 has delivered the classy looks without disappointment in the efficiency department. Initially, I had my doubts about the prominent handle thinking it was just for style, but it has come surprisingly handy. Inside, having zippered closing partitions on both sides might have prevented full packing, but I was glad to see that they were both flexible enough and strong enough to stretch over the extra bulk when needed. A slight question mark hangs over the main closing zipper, which seems very sturdy, but can get a little stiff to move at the corners of the case. The good news is that the fuller the suitcase is packed the better it performs. Overall, I'm delighted with the suitcase and looking to a larger model to complete my luggage : )


I’m always proud of my vocier products!!!

Sling Bag
Marco M.
A brilliant add on for travel convenience

The sling bag is a well designed bag that helps me stay organized and nimble when traveling. And it brings highest quality, a consistent characteristic of Vocier

C34 Duffel Bag
Wilford H.
Love it

I have two vocier pieces. Best ever.

Nice extraordinary briefcase. I use it for business purposes


Excellent luggage with a lot of good details

CP38 Luggage Set
Nemanja L.
Amazing Luggage

Just received my CP38 Luggage Set and it is just what I need for business trips. The design is really top-notch and all the features will make my future trips a lot more comfortable.

The carry-on fits two full suits in the zero-crease compartment and there is plenty of room left for a pair of shoes, jeans, a couple shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and underwear.

Easy access to dopp kit is another great feature that is bound to come in handy. The only thing I would maybe add is an adjustable strap within the main compartment to keep your pair of shoes in place.

Everything else is simply amazing. The materials, sleek appearance, ease of use. Highly recommeded for the business traveler!


Great product. Very well made. Would highly recommend.

Sling Bag
Till G.
Sling Bag

Nice small and comfortable bag. Smart and chic design.

Perfect Tasteful All Around Briefcase

My new Vocier black leather briefcase works beautifully for me.
The black leather is top quality, the silver zippers and accents are sleek, the laptop sleeve fits my MacBook Air perfectly and it's a great smart and modern design. I'm very happy with my choice.

Backpack Medium
Joachim S.

Its Good organized

Great design but could use some tweaks

Overall love the design. Excellent workmanship and fantastic materials! Would be nice if it had four swivel roller wheels rather than the old-school two fixed wheels. Also handle is too wide to work with many briefcases, which complicates carrying second bags. Overall very happy though!


My first trip using vocier, I was amazed by it toughness and durability. This past week, I visited four (4) countries, Italy, Belgium, France, and Tunisia. I enjoyed getting people looking at vocier as I walk pass them. It’s like having the prettiest girl at the party and all the men stop and stare! People would stop and stare at my luggage combo.


Awesome briefcase in top-design.

Till G.
Companion for Business Trips and daily commuting

High quality, functional, nice design - my perfect companion during my travels. What I like most is the third compartment to carry on fresh clothes during a long flight.

CP38 Luggage Set
Christopher B.

I couldn't be happier. This luggage is well made, sturdy, and gorgeous. The contrast with the anthricite and black leather is very nice. It's light, just the right size, and glides well. Highly recommended.

Classic Bifold
Fine leather, detailed construction.

For one more time I am happily surprised by the quality and the detailed construction of your products. Be sure, you have a full satisfied customer.
Thomas Ioannidis, Greece

Excellent Quality

Not only does it look sleek and professional, but the build quality seems excellent.

Sling Bag
Lynn M.
Travel Ready

Perfect size and organization with well-placed pockets, adjustable shoulder sling and fine quality leather: taking it on my first trip to D.C. at the end of April.

C34 Duffel Bag
Jaliye K.

The bag meets my needs for short trips perfectly

C12 Dopp Kit
Steven L.
Ok for now

A handy little Dopp case. Small enough for a weekend trip or a spare Dopp as I’m using it for. It gets four stars instead of 5 because I wanted the black leather model, which would be the much higher quality item. For some reason you cannot get it. That’s very unfortunate. I don’t know why they don’t have it. I would advise them to get the black leather in stock. The canvas model is not what I wanted.

Perfect weekend bag

The size of the bag is perfect, fits most airline luggage bin, ideal for two days / weekend trips

F34 Duffel Bag
Steven L.
Best Quality There Is

I travel throughout the year and I need tasteful reliable luggage. This duffle is everything it’s advertised to be. Arrived fully expanded. This bag cannot be crushed. Comes in a nice big dust bag. The duffle is solid. Thick leather. Smells wonderful. Stands up by itself. This duffle is the real deal. It’s worth every dollar. Highest quality ever. Highly recommend. Will buy other items. So very pleased with this duffle!

F26 Double Briefcase

The briefcase is just what I have been looking for traveling purposes.

F34 Duffel Bag
Larry W.
Very nice bags me and wife love them!!

Love it !!!!!!!