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Loved the bag. Easy & it works.

Compact and well thought out

I value that this Carry-On by Vocier is so compact and yet so well thought out that you can simply transport a jacket without creasing it.


CP38 Luggage Set
Stefan R.
A class of its own

The CP38 has accompanied me on countless trips and circled the globe many times with me. The design is understated and beautiful and certainly draws looks of passers-by all the time.
Anyone with the slightest appreciation for detail will delight at the use the many neat and clever gadgets/ideas that just underscore that this is a product with real life applications in mind.
Moreover, after having a defect zipper after many years of sturdiness, the customer service experience to get the problem sorted could not have been any better. Fast, efficient and friendly.

Zero Crease™ Compartment

Mostly Good

I have had a Platinum Travel Pro for 10 years with much European/Asian travel from the USA. This is so you know the context. I have owned this Vocier for 2 months and have about 3 airline trips and 4 road trips. No international travel with it yet (I hope I can still get on Ryanair and Wizzair). I’m sure its fine with major carriers. I usually go to Europe for multiple weeks on business.
I very much like the dimensional characteristics of this product. But also that It’s sleek and stylish. I also appreciate the functional aspects, in particular that there are only 2 wheels and not 4. The color and that I can carry it in my hand like a brief case - sort of - and then also roll it.
When I received it I thought the zippers were too light duty, but that hasn’t proven to be the case, but if they do break, the warranty covers it (I think).
Various luggage mfg claim to have a suitor that will not wrinkle. When I unfolded my suit from the first trip it had wrinkles, but after a few hours were gone. I don’t now how much of that is associated with the quality of the fabric of my suit. I do know the better the fabric the less wrinkles.
Also, as they say, it will hold two suits, but its not a separate hangar. They instruct you to put the arms of one suit into another on one hangar. It works, but its just not what I envisioned.
Overall I’m an advocate at this early date. But the one suggestion which I have for the mfg is to re-think the handle/strap on the side. Its flat and does not cup well in the hand when you carry it. Its awkward and uncomfortable. I know it can be better without adding a lot of cost or bulk for Vocier.
In the end, I’m glad I bought it. I considered the Briggs&Riley, but am hoping the suitor on the Vocier is more functional.


Great luggage for business trips. Suits are well placed and enough space for 2-3 days.

Carry on

Convenient and sturdy carry on. Once I understood how to correctly pack ( descriptive instructions from vocier ) works really well for jackets and pants to be ready to wear.

Essential Travel

I absolutely love this wallet. It is the perfect size for my passports (2), Nexus Card, vaccination card, Arrive Can print out and COVID test results, along with a credit card for travel, and cash/coin. I love it so much, I purchased one for my spouse as well.

The best hand luggage I have ever owned

I bought my first F38 Vocier carry-on bag just over two years ago and it has given be excellent service and the bag is like new after much loyal service. I have just taken advantage of the summer sale to by a brown version of the F38 for my wife as well as buying his and hers version of the F35, again one black and one brown, so we now travel in matching style together with either the F35 or the F38. She is equally in love with this brand and the bags are ingenious and perfect for business travel.


My luggage’s are so 🤩 I’m really proud of them!!

C12 Dopp Kit
Tapio K.
C12 Dopp Kit

A bit bigger than expected, but otherwise exactly as advertised. Have not used it yet for going through airport security check, so not sure if I should place the liquids inside it in a max. one litre plastic bag or not.

Large Dopp Kit
Mikael L.
Houdini Needed

Fairly nice looking but after 15 minutes we can't figure out how to fill the bottles. Would not recommend this kit.

Very Comfortable Backpack

Nice design and very light weight

A Proper Gentleman’s Luggage

This carry bag sets you apart from all other travelers. I received so many compliments as I walked through the airport, on a recent trip using the F38. The design and build gives a luxury yet settle look that makes you stand out. I look this bag.


Love the product

WOW I Love My New Bag

The Vocier Carry On F38 is so well made, so conveniently designed and definitly catches other travelers eyes in the airport. Thanks Vocier -

F34 Duffel Bag
andrew C.
Great Duffel Bag

Excellent quality and perfect size for short trips

CP34 Duffel Bag Review

I am very satisfied with my purchase. Fine quality and looks. I also like the size of the bag.

F34 Duffel Bag
Robert G.
My Vocier

I love the design and functionality of my new bag. It holds a lot, keeps my suits and shirts flat and the extra access zipper is something I use all the time . Also kudos to the team for great service …

CP34 Duffel Bag
Martin B.


Acceptable as carry-on luggage?

I purchased the leather one and the bag empty is heavy already. Placed due by side with my Rimowa carry on luggage is looks to be over the limit. But the proof is using it in travel. When this is allowed vis a vis the current pandemic then I will know definitely.

Hi Jack, thanks for your review - we appreciate it!

The F38 Carry-on luggage that you purchased complies with the industry standard IATA size for carry-on with 55x40x20cm which works for most major airlines worldwide. The size of a RIMOWA luggage is 55x50x23cm therefore being even a bit bigger in size.

We have over 20,000 customers and never had a complaint about now being able to bring the luggage due to not meeting the carry-on restrictions.

Hope you enjoy your beautiful piece for many years to come.

Kind regards,
Vinzent Wuttke

C34 Duffel Bag
John B.L.

The C34 Duffel is built to travel. The quality of its construction makes it a work horse that looks like a show pony. Proportions are nearly perfect. An inside sleeve for stowing a laptop would be useful.

Briefcase of Quality

Easily the most stylish and well designed case I have seen on the Market.

Delighted with the space, sections and pockets.

A success is when an everyday work item is used without complications. Vociers briefcase is a case in point.