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Vegan leather F26

Really glad to see a vegan option for Vocier. The double briefcase is stylish, practical and looks awesome. One addition might be a dedicated AirTag holder.

Sling Bag
Lynn M.
Travel Ready

Perfect size and organization with well-placed pockets, adjustable shoulder sling and fine quality leather: taking it on my first trip to D.C. at the end of April.

Ryan Dunn

F38 Carry-on in Legacy Blue is Awesome! Well designed and eye catcher!

C34 Duffel Bag
Jaliye K.

The bag meets my needs for short trips perfectly

C12 Dopp Kit
Steven L.
Ok for now

A handy little Dopp case. Small enough for a weekend trip or a spare Dopp as I’m using it for. It gets four stars instead of 5 because I wanted the black leather model, which would be the much higher quality item. For some reason you cannot get it. That’s very unfortunate. I don’t know why they don’t have it. I would advise them to get the black leather in stock. The canvas model is not what I wanted.

Perfect weekend bag

The size of the bag is perfect, fits most airline luggage bin, ideal for two days / weekend trips

F34 Duffel Bag
Steven L.
Best Quality There Is

I travel throughout the year and I need tasteful reliable luggage. This duffle is everything it’s advertised to be. Arrived fully expanded. This bag cannot be crushed. Comes in a nice big dust bag. The duffle is solid. Thick leather. Smells wonderful. Stands up by itself. This duffle is the real deal. It’s worth every dollar. Highest quality ever. Highly recommend. Will buy other items. So very pleased with this duffle!

F26 Double Briefcase

The briefcase is just what I have been looking for traveling purposes.

F34 Duffel Bag
Larry W.
Very nice bags me and wife love them!!

Love it !!!!!!!

Innovative Designed Carry On

The C38 Pure Carry-on is both beautiful and practical. Light-weight, roomy, and efficient to use.


Just like the rest of the pieces of luggage, my backpack is beautiful and already put to great use!

Uniquely Elegant

Recently got a C38 Carry-On. First impressions after unboxing was a collective “Wow it’s beautiful” from my family members. My first impressions was the overall elegance. The craftsmanship was beautiful. It is more elegant than shown in the pictures. Very classy and functional. Normally one is sacrificed for the sake of the other, either elegant or functional. The C38 Carry-On combines both. Well worth the money.
Have been ok with avoiding travel due to pandemic. Now, I cannot wait to travel with it. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

Large Dopp Kit
James G.
Perfect large drop for a week long + getaway

I’d order this one again in a heartbeat

The finest craft

This is a well done briefcase. Perfect materials, perfect execution, perfect product

F12 Dopp Kit
Jacob C.
Beautiful Dopp Kit

You can tell its well put together with real leather. Heavy duty zipper. The clear side of it is nice to quickly glance in there and make sure you have everything you need without opening it up and digging through it. It looks really high class and makes a statement sitting on your hotel counter. Only “negative” is that it is is pretty compact. So you wont be able to fit tons of stuff in there if you tend to be an over packer. Personally, I only bring essentials, so it was just enough room for me. Other than that, I highly recommended the Dopp Kitt to match the beautiful luggage set!

F12 Dopp Kit
Conny K.

Style, Quality & Image- perfect!


Quality and stylishly designed

That’s a high class product

I am very satisfied and enthusiastic about the good quality of workmanship. it's one of my favorites.

F12 Dopp Kit - stylish but not so practical

Very stylish. However, not sure if it is waterproof, meaning that I still keep the liquids like shampoo inside a plastic back inside F12. Talking about liquids: the included plastic bottles are bulky and I still have not figured out how to put liquid inside without breaking them. So, for the time being, I am still relying on my trusted Tumi dopp kit for packing toiletries inside check-in luggage.

Pretty nice / great quality

This product is my second Vocier product. It is of high quality and very nice modern design. Only the longer delivery time is to mention, but this is due to the actual situation in the world absolutely no prob. Highly recommend the products of Vocier - cause I use them for business purpose regularly.

F34 Duffel Bag
Peter J.B.
Duffel bag perfectly executed

I recently took delivery of a black leather duffel bag for me and a brown leather one for my wife. The execution of the design and fabrication is of the highest quality and we happily packed them with clothes for the winter ski trip. Perfect for casual packing and short trips.


The bag is ok, but for the price it looks a little cheap.

C38 Pure Carry-on
Eckehard H.
Perfect cabin bag

Sehr stabil, sehr gute Verarbeitung, genial durchdacht

Beautiful F38

Beautiful trolley, well processed and well thought out. Personally, I would prefer 4 rollers instead of 2 - this would significantly improve handling. The weight is too high for hand luggage although I haven't had any complaints when checking in ...

F12 Dopp Kit
Wolfgang J.D.D.

Very useful, practical and stylish!