Carry-on Luggage

Whether flying private or coach, choose the only carry-on luggage designed to care about your clothes as much as you do. Lightweight, built to the highest standards and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Carry-on luggage for suits: business and leisure

If you go on business trips regularly, you should treat yourself with luxury carry-on luggage. Why? Because it carries many clever features, which will ease your travel, mesmerize you with high-quality design, and it will last a life time. Moreover, you will often benefit from useful accessories that perfectly match your premium luggage – for a stylish, casual look on your journey.

What’s more, to avoid standing in long lines at the check-in, many business travelers prefer to skip checking baggage and rather pack everything they need for the trip into their carry-on luggage. Which is where premium luggage by VOCIER comes in.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has published guidelines regarding to maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage or cabin luggage on airplanes. These recommendations are followed more or less by all major airlines around the world: max. L40 x W20 x H55 cm = 115 cm. Carry-on suitcases and bags must fit into the overhead bins of an airplane. Alternatively, a garment bag may be taken on board as carry-on luggage. Depending on the airline and respective fare, a "personal item" is also allowed, which has to be stowed under the seat in front of you. Examples are briefcases, small holdall bags or laptop cases.
VOCIER offers luxury carry-on luggage with a wide variety of possible uses: carry-on suitcases and bags, garment bags as well as business briefcases. The suitcases of the Legacy Collection contain an integrated garment compartment which keeps suits and dresses wrinkle-free during travel. Providing the same feature, the Zero CreaseTM compartment for the Avant Carry-On Luggage 2.0 is available as an accessory. The luxurious carry-on luggage range also includes the F35 travel garment bag in leather, the most stylish and noble garment bag for wrinkle-free clothing on the market today.

Our suitcases and duffel bags offer sufficient space for everything you need on business trips lasting several days or for a long weekend. The briefcases and business backpacks not only come with a laptop compartment, but also with various organizational pockets to securely store important things like smartphones or chargers.
VOCIER stands for durable, elegant and beautiful luggage in the luxury segment. Our innovative luggage concept captivates with well thought-out designs, premium materials and many features designed to reduce travel hassles. Perfect for business trips lasting several days or for weekend trips, our products meet all international carry-on luggage standards.

It's lightweight

When you go on business trips or your daily commute, changing trains or flights or moving through the airplane, you will certainly appreciate carry-on luggage that is lightweight and easy to navigate. Using finest leather, nylon and aluminum, we took care to design lightweight carry-on luggage that lets you move freely and comfortable wherever you go – in the city, at the airport or on a plane. The weight of the carry-on luggage varies depending on the respective sizes and the materials used. Suitcases and bags made of nylon are lighter than those made of leather.

It has our patented Zero Crease™ system

When on a business trip, you should not waste your time ironing your clothes. That's why VOCIER has developed its patented Zero Crease system. This innovative concept keeps your business attire wrinkle-free – whether as a removable, integrated compartment in our Legacy Carry-on luggage, in the Travel Garment Bag or as an accessory available for our Avant Carry-on Luggage 2.0.

Suits and dresses go into a removable garment bag compartment

The interior of our rolling garment bags is around 100 cm long and roughly 52 cm wide. You can fit in 2 suits or dresses comfortably, depending on the volume and thickness of the garments. A proprietary hanger system (included with your carry-on suitcase purchase) is flexible enough to bend around the U-shaped form of the garment bag. Therefore, it alleviates pressure points on the garments to keep the garments free of wrinkles.

Luggage that stops clothes from wrinkling? Yes!

Wrinkles in your garment are caused by two factors: pressure and folding. When clothing is packed too tightly or pressure is applied to a fold, wrinkles will form. This is usually the case with conventional carry-on luggage, causing crumpled suits or dresses. In contrast, VOCIER’s Zero Crease system prevents tightness and pressure inside the luggage. Because we use a patented and travel-tested contour design that eliminates both of these factors. The clothes are rolled in a special protective department, so the structure and fabric of your attire are protected – keeping it free of winkles all the way to your destination.

Scratch-resistant luggage that's durable and lasts longer

Our premium carry-on luggage is of exceptional quality and made to last a lifetime. The Italian leather we use for our suitcases is treated with a durable coating that makes it scratch and water resistant. To make a point, this leather from our Italian manufacturer is also used for safety boots and other highly durable items. Other examples include the premium, water and abrasion-resistant nylon we use for the carry-on and the bags of the Avant collection or the transparent, scratch-resistant side windows of our dopp kits.
VOCIER carry-on luggage is IATA compliant. This means that the size of all our bags meet international standards for carry-on luggage – many of our customers are frequent flyers who travel worldwide and always take their VOCIER bags on board as carry-on luggage. Not to mention that our luxury carry-on is also offered at the Lufthansa Worldshop. Besides our carry-on luggage, VOCIER also offers various bags that meet airlines’ requirements for "personal items". For instance, the Avant holdall bag, despite its small size, increases the volume of your hand luggage by 40% – ensuring you always carry everything you need, even on longer trips! Please note: some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair sometimes have fee-based restrictions on carry-on baggage size. You should therefore always check the applicable regulations before your start your journey.
VOCIER combines technological innovations with the expertise of traditional craft to design a totally new type of luxury carry-on luggage. Our artisans create most of our products by hand with a lot of love and attention to detail.

Sleek, luxurious leather and premium nylon, high-quality fabrics and excellent YKK metal zippers: we only source the best materials around the world for carry-on luggage that is designed to last a lifetime. We visited more than 40 selected leather manufacturers around the world before finally discovering the finest premium Italian leather that was perfect for our products.The canvas fabric we use in our bags and luggage is crafted exclusively for VOCIER. It is light and durable, but at the same time elegant and luxurious. Our claim to the premium segment in luggage is also evident in the Avant holdall bag. It is constructed of our unique hybrid shell made of high-performance nylon – it protects like a hardshell suitcase while remaining lightweight and flexible.
Luxury carry-on luggage by VOCIER combines elegance and functionality. There are many features that will make your travel smoother and hassle-free. Examples are the Fast Pass™ bag for easily accessing toiletries, smartphone and more as well as the virtually invisible pocket at the telescopic handle for passports and other documents. These smart, modular accessories make sure you have your hands free when traveling and they secure quick access to contents without having to open the main suitcase compartment. Everything is right at hand; this will save you time at airport security checks.

VOCIER offers award-winning, exceptional carry-on luggage for frequent flyers. Premium materials and clever designs merge to create quality products that last a lifetime. Our carry-on suitcases and bags have proven their value with frequent business travelers and tourists worldwide who rely on first-class carry-on luggage for carrying suits and dresses wrinkle-free.

We develop our products with a passion for detail and a commitment to excellent quality.