suitcase for suits


Patented protection for fine clothing when you need it, extra space when you don't.
Pack. And Roll.

Wrinkles in your clothing while travelling are caused by two main factors: 

1) Pressure 

2) Folding

Just like creasing a piece of paper, wrinkles in fabric form when pressure is applied to a fold. Over-packing can make this worse as shoes and other clothes push against each other without any sort of barrier.

What makes our solution work?

1. Our luggage uses an award-winning rounded design with a special ZeroCrease™ compartment for suits, dresses and other fine clothing.

2. Our luggage has a removable compartment for protecting clothes, dopp kit and shoes. When you need extra space for a trip, just take it out.

3. Finally our system rolls instead of folds, keeping clothes free of wrinkles all the way to your destination.

How to Pack

Taking a few minutes to pack properly can save hours of frustration trying to remove wrinkles at your destination! Travelling with and packing a suit and other fine clothing was one of the main reasons we started VOCIER, and when you pack correctly with our luggage you can guarantee avoiding ironing boards and dry cleaning when you arrive.

If you're travelling with suits or dresses, put them on the included hanger and place them into the fabric compartment in your luggage first, taking care to not crumple them. If you're packing multiples (two jackets, a second dress etc.), keep duplicates together so that they follow the same folds, and zip closed when done.

The rest of your clothing can then be placed into the ZeroCrease™ compartment, taking care to ensure clothing such as shirts or trousers are folded to avoid wrinkles.

Packing smart means making the most of available space. Pack socks into shoes, and roll things like underwear and t-shirts to save additional space. You can easily pack up to a week’s worth of necessities into your VOCIER luggage, including shirts, shoes, casual clothes, underwear, and a Dopp kit or wash bag.

We recommend placing shoes in dust bags to keep everything nice and clean on the inside, and if you need extra space consider one of our matching travel duffel bags or backpacks.

If you're traveling for pleasure and are leaving the suit behind, all of our ZeroCrease™ compartments are removable for even more space.

All of our luggage includes convenient and protective storage space for passport, credit cards, papers, and other small items that you don't want to have to rummage for.

Carry on for suits
Enjoy stylish departures and wrinkle-free landings!
Suits / apparel must be free of moisture
Must be properly hung (no more than 2 suits at one time)
Suits / apparel must be properly inserted
Zero Crease compartment cannot be over-packed