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VOCIER's Legacy hook is a sturdy metal hook. The hook can be used for all Legacy bags with garment bags, such as the F38, C38, F35, C35 as well as CP38 and CP35.

These hooks can not be used for the Avant series.


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All of our products are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers any defects in the wheels, handles, zippers or other functional elements. Learn more about our warranties, here.

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Patented technology that protects your suit.

The VOCIER Zero Crease™ System keeps your suits or dresses protected, gently curving them around the interior compartment of the luggage. This preserves the structure and fabric of your suit, ensuring it arrives wrinkle-free. Getting away from work? The compartment is easily removed for extra packing space.


Breeze through security

Quickly remove items at security from the FastPass top compartment without opening the main zipper. It's also ideal for storing a battery pack, as the cable can be run out of the top and provides a conveniently flat place for your phone to rest on while charging.


Built to last a lifetime

Because VOCIER is the only luggage company that uses fiber-reinforced BASF plastic, our products last for a lifetime of travels. We've built our bags to travel around the world with you, not end up in a landfill.


We've got you covered

Legacy carry-ons include a storage area in the handle where you can keep tickets, passport and other small items. Hidden when put away, simply extend the handle on your luggage and this virtually invisible pouch is at your fingertips.

Key Elements

Intelligent Solutions

The best protection for your garments No corners. No pressure. No wrinkles.

The VOCIER Zero Crease™ system keeps your suit tucked within a special compartment that gently curves around the interior of the luggage. This preserves the structure and fabric of your suit, ensuring it arrives wrinkle-free.

Limited lifetime warranty We cover all manufacturing defects for life.

If you travel over 100,000s of miles each year you know that a luggage has many moving parts that can break. At VOCIER we pride ourselves with building luggage that lasts for a lifetime. All our products are guaranteed for life against functional damages.

Fast Pass™ pocket for Dopp kit Expedites security check process.

Quickly remove frequently needed items, such as the C12 Dopp Kit, from the inside compartment without opening the main zipper. This makes moving through airport security much easier.

Hidden document holder Securely store passport and boarding passes.

Access a special storage area that can hold your bills, tickets, passport and other small items simply by extending the handle on your Legacy luggage. This compartment is virtually invisible and very secure.

Steel-bearing wheels Effortless and maintenance free.

Unlike other luggage brands, we created proprietary wheels for our luggage that run on steel bearings instead of plastic. This greatly increases the life of the wheels, as well as giving a smoother ride!

How it works

Roll instead of fold

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! As defined by the IATA, carry-ons should have a total combined dimension of 115 cm or 45". All of our Legacy luggage measures 55 x 40 x 20 cm = 115 cm. Many of our customers are frequent flyers who fly with all airlines around the world and take their VOCIER luggage on board as cabin luggage without any problems. Some low-cost airlines like Ryanair sometimes have fare-based restrictions on cabin luggage size, so it's always important to check before flying.
Not at all! Wrinkle free apparel while traveling is why we started VOCIER, but our Zero Crease™ compartment works equally as well for dresses and other nice clothing as it does for suits. Traveling for pleasure? The compartment can be quickly and easily removed for extra packing space!
All of our Zero Crease systems can fit up to two full suits and dresses on the included hanger. The rest of the luggage fits 3-4 days of clothes comfortably, as well as a dopp kit and a pair of shoes. When traveling without suits or dresses, a week's worth of clothing is definitely doable due to our space-saving innovations!
All our products are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers any issues with the luggage body, wheels, handles, zippers and other functional elements of the luggage. Learn more about our warranties, here.
The Italian leather that we use for all VOCIER suitcases is treated with a durable coating that makes it scratch and water resistant. The leather that we source from our Italian manufacturer is also used for security boots and other highly durable items. As with all real leather products, your carry-on will develop character over time as it joins you in your travels across the world.
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