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Quality and stylishly designed

That’s a high class product

I am very satisfied and enthusiastic about the good quality of workmanship. it's one of my favorites.

F12 Dopp Kit - stylish but not so practical

Very stylish. However, not sure if it is waterproof, meaning that I still keep the liquids like shampoo inside a plastic back inside F12. Talking about liquids: the included plastic bottles are bulky and I still have not figured out how to put liquid inside without breaking them. So, for the time being, I am still relying on my trusted Tumi dopp kit for packing toiletries inside check-in luggage.

Pretty nice / great quality

This product is my second Vocier product. It is of high quality and very nice modern design. Only the longer delivery time is to mention, but this is due to the actual situation in the world absolutely no prob. Highly recommend the products of Vocier - cause I use them for business purpose regularly.

F34 Duffel Bag
Peter J.B.
Duffel bag perfectly executed

I recently took delivery of a black leather duffel bag for me and a brown leather one for my wife. The execution of the design and fabrication is of the highest quality and we happily packed them with clothes for the winter ski trip. Perfect for casual packing and short trips.


The bag is ok, but for the price it looks a little cheap.

C38 Pure Carry-on
Eckehard H.
Perfect cabin bag

Sehr stabil, sehr gute Verarbeitung, genial durchdacht

Beautiful F38

Beautiful trolley, well processed and well thought out. Personally, I would prefer 4 rollers instead of 2 - this would significantly improve handling. The weight is too high for hand luggage although I haven't had any complaints when checking in ...

F12 Dopp Kit
Wolfgang J.D.D.

Very useful, practical and stylish!

F34 Duffel Bag
Jacob C.
1st Vocier Purchase

Got this bag from my father as a Christmas gift. We were a little nervous about spending that much money on a European brand we had never heard of before. But after receiving it, it definitely has lived up to expectations. Great looks and quality. Makes an impression. Love the size of it. It’s big enough to fit what you need, but not too big. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is because the shoulder strap is a little too short. I am however 6’5, so this is nothing new to me. Excited to order more travel luggage through Vocier to complete my set!

Thanks Jacob for this positive feedback. The VOCIER Team is looking forward to serving you as our customer for many years. Best regards, Vinzent (Co-Founder)

Best backpack

This is the best business backpack I have ever used. The quality is amazing.

Great Luggage

Fashionable, durable and reliable.

Mein bester Produktkauf des Jahres

Durch Herrn Wuttke persönlich nahegelegt habe ich dieses Produkt geordert und kann sagen! Preis-Leistung-Verarbeitung-Design ist absolut TOP! Ideal für jeden Handelsvertreter! Ein Must - Have! Hätte ich nicht für möglich gehalten und bin froh so positiv überrascht worden zu sein! Da sage ich DANKE! Weiter so mit solchen tollen Produkten.

Ultimate travel wallet

Fits everything, amazing design. Finally a wallet that holds everything, Id, passport, crazy amount of card slots, cash and I could even fit my iPhone in there. And the quality is just superb. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

OK Luggage

Hardly the break-through bag I was hoping for. Heavier than expected as well. I have very broad shoulders and the bag is less than optimum for my suit. Otherwise, well made and I will look forward to some travel with it.

F30 Business Backpack
Georgina M.B.


Vertical Trifold

Mixed emotions ….

Very nice, good manufacturing, very good quality overall ….. but: the weight is to high. With just one suit, one pair of shoes, 2 shirts, light trousers and a few toilet items you will reach minimum 10kg, to much for most european handluggage requirements. Unfortunately not usable as handluggage …..

Perfect travel companion!

I love my black leather F38 luggage! It exudes quality and perfection in feel and fit & finish! It is solid and sturdy...heavy enough to be durable, yet light enough to easily handle and maneuver. Quality zippers and the internal material is exceptional. I use the Vocier leather duffle bag for overnights and this for travel involving 2-3 days. I hope they come out with a week long solution as well! I look forward to having these pieces for a long time! My ONLY complaint is that the hanger that fits inside has a little nipple that connects it to the luggage and that broke off during the first use.

C34 Duffel Bag
Patrick B.
perfect companion, perfect size

Got this C34 as an add-on to my cabin trolley.
And it matches. Perfect size, light-weight, I love the value, not only for weekend trips.

F38 carry on luggage

Brilliantly engineered and thoughtful design. Beautiful piece that surpassed my expectations, even after thorough research before I purchased it. The fact that you have to carry it through the main cabin was expected but it is well worth the inconvenience. Just plan on sitting in 1st class! LOL

Torn between returning it or keeping it

My VOCIER carry-on luggage and bag received lots of compliments. But I had a few reservations. First, I thought the quality of the brown leather would thicker but instead it felt cheap, almost like pleather. Secondly, my carry-on could not be rolled between the narrow aisle on the plane. I had to carry it to my seat which was clumsy. Third, I’m concerned about how long my luggage set will last before the zipper breaks or the leather tears. But I like the design and the overall look. And it’s compact and makes me look organized while traveling. Not sure whether to keep it or return it and purchase something more sturdy and practical (especially when trying to roll the luggage on the plane).

Dear Russel,

thanks for your honest feedback!

The leather we use is a full grain leather and will not damage easily as it is the full skin of the animal. If there is a scratch it can be polished and returned to the original state again and again. It will age beautifully over time in fact!

The zippers we use are YKK and among the most durable zippers in the world. That is the reason we feel comfortable to offer a lifetime warranty on all our luggage products.

Hope that you will cherish your suitcase for many years to come - it will only get better over time.

Kind regards,
Co-Founder VOCIER

The Luggages are cool, simple and elegant

I cannot wait to put it to use on my upcoming trip to Nigeria, and France.

Best luggage around…stylish elegant and durable. I get compliments every time I fly.

F35 Garment Bag
Skyler W.
Great bag, great materials - one annoyance

Bought a pair of these bags for an upcoming trip where I need to bring some black tie attire. Wonderful bags all around, love the built in feet and handle on the side so you can sit it down both flat or standing up. Only complaint (and improvement for you) is the leather loops for the shoulder strap carabiners were so small that I had to literally almost rip the leather trying to get them in. Makes no sense at all. There is no utility whatsoever in having them be so tight. Carabiners close, so these loops should be loose enough to be effortless. That was super annoying.