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Based on 129 reviews
A lot of space with a wonderful design
Great bag
Good looking with good quality carry on luggage.
Attracts attention and comments
Amazing Bag
Essential accessory
Not so great for me
Awesome Carry On
Most beautiful carry on on wheels
Closest thing to perfect
not entirely satisfied
Hi Michael, thanks for taking the time to write a review. We can certainly understand your frustration. However, a two-wheeled luggage also offers a few advantages especially in terms of volume and durability. Especially the suit compartment requires a lot of space to fit even larger sizes of suits. Therefore, the two wheel design was necessary to enable the perfect results for your suits! All the best, Vinzent Co-Founder VOCIER
Great luggage, great concept, missing manual :)
Purchased two of these great C38's
Delivers as promised!
Great piece
“Easy Breezy”
unique look and newly updated version is almost perfect
My best travel mate
High quality bag