How to pack a suit in a suitcase

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How to pack a suit in a suitcase

If you are using conventional luggage, there is hardly a definitive way to pack a suit without worrying about it wrinkling. VOCIER’s Zero Crease system will eliminate your worries, but if you are traveling with some other type of luggage, you will have to be clever and creative when it comes to getting your business suit and attire to your destination free of wrinkles.

1. Wear it on your trip

One sure-fire way to wrinkle your attire is to wear it on your trip! You’ll also be risking getting it dirty or even damaged, so this is not necessarily an ideal option.

2. Traditional garment bag

So, you might prefer to travel carrying your suit travel bag with you. This can be a viable solution, albeit one that requires some place to hang it on the plane, which, even in business class, is not guaranteed, especially on short-haul flights. And floppy bags with only hangers to hold onto are not the best way to travel with a suit since you will likely regret having to deal with the extra hassle and even discomfort of carrying this additional bag. But, if you do take this option, and don’t have a place to hang the bag, fold the bag once and place it in the overhead compartment, and be sure that nothing weighty is placed on top. When you have no other choice but to pack your suit jacket in a conventional carry-on travel case, or perhaps are traveling with two jackets, it is entirely likely that your jacket will arrive wrinkled at your destination.

3. Dry cleaning at your destination

If you have a particularly important meeting where you must look your absolute best, the only option will be to have the suit jacket dry cleaned. However, this solution also involves risk since frequent dry cleaning makes the fabric “shiny.” You can also ask the hotel if they have a portable steamer which you can borrow. But be careful with this option, as hot steam can cause permanent damage to fine fabrics and especially to structured jackets.

How to Pack for Business Trips

Business trips can be stressful enough without having to agonize over how you should pack your important business attire. How to travel with a suit and avoid wrinkling it is one of those Gordian Knots that has bedeviled business travelers for years. But creativity can untangle many a difficulty, so when packing for a business trip, it’s important to plan ahead, pack light and be efficient in your use of space.

Plan ahead when packing for a trip

The best way to decide what you need to take for any given trip is to lay everything out ahead of time before you start putting anything in a bag. That way you will have the chance to think ahead to what your business trip will require from you. Even if you are a frequent traveler with a set routine, not every trip is the same length or will necessitate the same levels of formality, so taking stock from the beginning will be a useful way to edit out what is not needed and include what will be essential. Be brutal when eliminating those things that you definitely won’t need. Never take more than you will need because all extra things add weight, and weight increases the physical and mental stress of the trip. Keep in mind, too, that overpacking is one of the worst wrinkle culprits. Even if you have a hotel that will iron or press clothing, you may not always have the luxury of time. So the goal is always wrinkle-free packing. Plan in advance Only take what's essential

Smart tips to help packing for business travel

Traveling with a business suit or delicate blouses will always complicate packing. And if you have an important meeting the minute you get off the flight, there will be no time to do damage control at the hotel. Keeping your packed items to a minimum will be essential, whether you prefer rolling your clothes or folding with tissue paper to take the edge off the folds. Packing an extra pair of shoes might seem to add a little weight, but it will also be usable space to protect things like any extra eyewear or watches you may like to bring. You can also use your shoes to store your socks, which will help your shoes retain their shape. Traveling with shoe trees may be tempting, but just remember they’ll add a substantial amount of weight and you’ll lose that bit of protected storage space. Making sure your toiletries are well organized and easily accessible so that you can grab out your small liquids quickly when making your way through security will be a great time saver as well. And don’t forget to remove all sharp objects from your toiletry case since something like a nail file buried in the depths of your bag can cause extensive delay and aggravation. How to pack a suit Nothing works better than Zero Crease

The right luggage will help you be as efficient as possible

Being prepared, having the right luggage, and taking your time are essential to a relaxed flight. Find every opportunity you can to make your trips as effortless as possible. With the well-thought-out Zero Crease luggage that VOCIER offers, in addition to out matching travel accessories, you can spend less time figuring out how to organize your packing, and spend more time enjoying the journey!

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