Legacy Handgepäck

The importance of high-quality luggage

Whether you fly for business of pleasure, it's important that you have quality luggage that you can depend on. Not only does it mean less hassle when traveling, but it's also kinder to the planet as when you buy our luggage once, you buy it for life. Well-designed luggage also means less broken zippers, less wheels that come off at annoying times and less broken handles when pulling things out from the overhead. We've ensured all of our luggage is made to the highest standards and from quality materials, and backed everything with a lifetime warranty in case anything goes wrong outside of the normal wear-and-tear process. Although issues during our hand-making process are rare, so is finding a company like ours that will stand behind our products and repair or replace them for their lifetime. Make sure to read luggage reviews for any company you're looking at, like those left by our customers - you'll quickly see the difference between companies that only back their luggage for a short time versus the experience of our customers who receive a lifetime of support across countless travels.

Let's start from the very basics - luggage is something you use to comfortably transport your clothes and accessories when taking a trip somewhere. Ideally it should be easy to use, durable and thoughtfully-designed - all of which VOCIER luggage has fundamentally incorporated into all of our designs and which not all luxury brands guarantee. Carry-ons also need to be as light as possible, while still offering protection to your belongings. Our luggage's hybrid construction of a hard skeleton with durable but flexible materials ensure the optimal balance between lightness, space for packing as well as ensuring your clothes, toiletries and other essentials stay protected.
This was one of the questions that started our entire company. While packing tips will get you so far, traveling with suits, dresses and other fine clothing almost always leads to wrinkles after even the shortest of flights. This is caused by two things most luggage doesn't account for - folds and pressure. Our luggage uses a patented system to avoid this, rolling suits and dresses around a special rounded compartment that contains the rest of your clothes. This means you'll never have to track down an iron or dry-cleaner at your destination ever again! Whether you travel for business, are traveling for a wedding or event, or simply like arriving without wrinkles when you travel, all of our luggage is guaranteed to ensure you arrive looking your best. Simply put, flying with VOCIER luggage is the best way to stop clothes from wrinkling from traveling.
Waste is one of the biggest issues facing our world (alongside emissions) and so at VOCIER we are committed to reducing as much as possible in our design, production and logistics processes. Our primary way to do this is by building high-quality luggage with a low failure rate, opting to repair whenever possible, and arranging our warehouse distribution to reduce final shipping distances as we can. We use little plastic in our designs, and that which we do use is highly durable and increasingly-recyclable. With a smaller failure rate and greater repair rate, less of our luggage ends up in landfills and many of the components and textiles can be re-used for smaller goods. Our leather comes from sustainable small farms, and we are currently testing vegan options for durability that will become standard as they improve and we continue to grow. We also encourage our customers highly to use alternative, more environmentally-friendly methods of travel. Our luggage and accessories work just as well in the back of an electric car for road trips (and hopefully soon in the overhead bin of carbon-neutral airplanes)!
Packing smart means making the most of available space - it should go without saying that our luggage has been designed to do that while still meeting IATA guidelines for carry-ons. You can easily pack up to a week’s worth of necessities into your VOCIER luggage - depending on the season - including shirts, shoes, casual clothes, underwear, and a Dopp kit or wash bag. All of our luggage includes a convenient and protective compartment for passport, electronics, and other small items that you don't want to have to rummage for.
Our unique handle compartment is just large enough to discretely store your passport and other small essentials. It's great for when you're waiting in line at customs or boarding and want your hands to remain free, yet still have quick access to your passport. The same goes for credit cards or cash you don't want to have out when waiting to pay, or things like earbuds that you want to access in-flight.