Where are some great places in the world to eat?

Once the pandemic is over, experiencing great food is one of the many benefits of travel. Here's our select menu of fine restaurants from Bangkok to Los Angeles:


Where are some great places in the world to eat?

Travel, whether we are talking about business or pleasure, offers a variety of hassles as well as perks. At VOCIER, we do our best to mitigate the inherent hassles of flying by creating luggage that will ease your way through the airport. And we also celebrate the perks that traveling to distant parts of the world make available. Experiencing new cultures and cuisines lands high on our list of reasons to make the most of every travel opportunity. Apropos, here are three of the places we would like to eat on Valentine's Day (or another day, for that matter!).


Nahm, Bangkok, Thailand

Located in the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok, Nahm is a Michelin starred restaurant headed by Thai cooking sensation, Pim Techamuanvivit. Since Techamuanvivit was born and raised in Bangkok, she has a deep understanding of Thai cuisine allowing her to be spontaneous with her riffs on traditional meals that would typically be shared on special occasions among her extended family. It means that we can have the chance to taste a bit of the past as well as see the way of the future when eating at Nahm. If, when you travel, you are suspicious of hotel restaurants and want to get away to the smaller side streets to find the food of the locals, that is not something that should worry you about Nahm. Techamuanvivit and her team make a point of finding the best ingredients to suit the dishes that they want to speak to the Thai people as much as appeal to an international clientele. And as much as anything, Techamuanvivit is making the types of dishes that she loves and knows from her childhood. Whether simple and bite-sized, or elaborate and hearty, there is a wide range of dishes that can appeal to the adventurous eater.


Gasthaus zum Gupf, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland

Even if you love the je ne sais quoi of Geneva, or the efficiency and beauty of Zurich, to find the truly essential Switzerland, you have to get out into the countryside. You don’t have to be a huge outdoorsy type to enjoy it, though of course, that will open up a lot of possibilities. All you need is to appreciate excellent quality, local foods and enjoy driving on narrow, precipitously steep country lanes. If that sounds appealing, prepare yourself for one of the most spectacular views and meals you’re likely to find anywhere. The Gasthaus zum Gupf is a restaurant and hotel planted on one of the last alpine foothills before you descend down to Lake Constance. The views will make you wish you were the mountaineering type even if you are not. The generous menu offers everything from hearty Swiss traditional dishes to delicately and elegantly prepared sashimi. Much of the meat and cheese they get from their own farm. But the pièce de résistance has to be the wine cellar. To read the description on the Gupf webpage in no way does it justice. Nor does the fact that they apparently have the largest bottle of wine in the world. Rather the depth of choice, a wide range of excellent wines to fit all budgets, and extensive knowledge of their stock will make sure that they will have the perfect wine to pair with your meal. The drive up to the top of the hill at Rehetobel will likely give you the type of appetite to do this trip justice.

Orta San Giulio, Italy

Voted one of Italy's most beautiful towns, Orta is also home to Michelin Star restaurants, world-famous chefs and the most incredible dining within view of as UNESCO world heritage site. More low-key drinking and dining is certainly available, and excellent wine can be had everywhere as well as a surprising selection of artisanal beers that Italy is newly becoming known for. Not to be missed if you're anywhere near Lago D'Orta, and only 40 minutes drive from Malpensa Airport so excellent even as an overnight stop! Finally, it's near our design office so if you're there we'll meet you in the piazza for a drink (once the pandemic is over of course).

Sqirl, Los Angeles, United States

What can you do on a free afternoon in Los Angeles? If you have the hankering to try out one of the hottest, freshest restaurants in all of LA, head to the Silver Lake district and settle into a gorgeous lunch at Sqirl. Being dedicated to providing their customers with an outstanding meal and experience surely connects all three of these restaurants on our list. Another curious connection that the Chef-owner of Sqirl, Jessica Koslow, shares with Pim Techamuanvivit of Nahm is that they both started out making incredible fruit jams. But unlike Nahm, Sqirl serves only breakfast and lunch with the kitchen closing around 4 pm. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some seriously hardy food there if you want, and it will make you feel like have discovered breakfast afresh. Though a small, hipsterish interior, the service is quick and the variety of menu means that everyone in your party will find a delicious option, from vegan to meat-eater. And if you are just arriving in the city, or need to grab a quick lunch before your next flight, the friendly staff will even stash your luggage while you eat.


What’s it all about?

Making the most of your travel opportunities is key to learning about new places and getting a fresh perspective on your own city’s culture. It’s something that we at VOCIER feel very privileged to experience and take every opportunity to encourage our friends and customers to expand their horizons as well.

Article Header Photo by William Choquette from Pexels

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