Interlink™, the perfect balance

Announcing luggage that works as hard as you do - the world's first configurable business luggage and accessories concept. It's scalable, on-demand.

Interlink™ on trolley
With Briefcase, Holdall, and Work Bag

The Avant modular matching business luggage system is designed to provide flexible storage space and to seamlessly accessorize your business or leisure travel needs. It’s also designed to reduce the stress and physical fatigue of having to carry multiple bags simultaneously. This means your luggage does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. All this is accomplished with Interlink™ technology, VOCIER’s proprietary and secure mechanical latching technology. With Interlink™, the carry-on trolley does all the hard work through the effortless connection of matching travel and business accessories. The Avant matching luggage system consists of a briefcase, women’s work bag, holdall, travel wallets, Dopp kits, and the optional Zero Crease™ compartment. Each of these accessories links securely to, and works seamlessly with, the Avant carry-on trolley for on-demand scalability.

Configured to your travel needs
Woman's Work Bag connects with carry-on trolley

Let your luggage do all heavy lifting! Effortlessly scale your luggage capacity up or down, or modify your luggage’s functionality as your travels require. Avant accessories with Interlink™ snap securely to the carry-on trolley using a powerful mechanical latching mechanism.

Interlink™ on handlebar
With large travel wallet

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