Our Top Tips on how to Travel Safely in 2021

If you've travelled at all in the last year, you will have noticed that things have changed in airports across the globe since the pandemic began. From check-in to arrival, there are now a confusing number of rules and guidelines to follow, not to mention new 'best practices' for reaching your destination safely. Whether you've already been vaccinated or not, here are our top tips for travelling in 2021!



1. Our first tip is to check with your airline about any special requirements, both at the departure airport as well as your destination. If you're flying internationally there are often differing regulations between countries, so it's important to be well-informed before you head out on your journey.

2. Next, we recommend signing up for the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) update emails. Their international travel pass is already in the trial phase, and you can make sure you stay up to date on its public release by signing up here (link will take you the IATA site).

3. When at the airport, be extra-aware of what you touch - wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser, particularly before eating something or touching your face. Don't forget to open doors and operate elevators using your elbows when possible.

4. Finally, try and find a quiet spot to yourself while you wait for your flight. This one goes for whether there's a pandemic or not as you'll be more relaxed before your flight, making your trip that much more enjoyable.



5. How many of us have complained about picking up a bug or illness on the airplane, even before the pandemic? To avoid this, we suggest wearing your mask at all times, even if you have your vaccination.

6. Consider foregoing any in-flight meal or snacks or pack your own whenever possible. Let's be honest - airline food isn't exactly known for being haute cuisine anyway, and nearly every seasoned flyer has a story about airplane food that disagreed with them.

7. Another great tip - pandemic or not - is to try and relax during your flight. Not only does stress weaken your immune system, but it doesn't change anything anyway! Throw on a podcast, your favourite playlist, or open a good book...then sit back and relax.

8. Keep hand sanitiser or alcohol wipes and a spare mask close at hand. One of our accessory bags as well as the FastPass compartment in our luggage is a convenient way to do this without having to rummage through your carry-on bags mid-flight.



9. When you arrive at your destination, choose private transportation over public wherever possible. Not having to fight through crowds or rush for a train is also a great way to decompress after your flight.

10. Finally, make sure to get some rest & relaxation in wherever possible. Even if you're on a quick business trip, taking some time to recharge ensures that travelling remains a joy and not a burden in the years to come. Your mind and body will thank you for it.


Most of all, it's important to follow guidelines and travel restrictions - there's nothing more frustrating than reaching your departure or arrival airport and realising you won't be allowed to continue on your journey. Whichever way you're travelling, all of us at VOCIER wish you a safe journey and good health as travel begins to pick up again, and we hope you'll consider treating yourself to a new carry-on or accessory bag to make that first trip even more enjoyable!

- The VOCIER Team

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