VOCIER's City Guide - Antwerp Edition

This month VOCIER is taking you to Antwerp, the cool place to be in Belgium. This city attracts art lovers, fashion lovers, architecture lovers - and foodies, of course. It might just be a city that you didn't know you had to visit. So here we are, to fill you in on what you're missing and to help you plan your visit. These tips come to you from designer Maxime Szyf.


  1. Middle Eats - Share food, drinks, and grooves with the ones you love
  2. Rosetta - Cozy and delicious
  3. Victor - The best seasonal delights
  4. Nuôc mắm - When you're craving that Bun
  5. Ciro’s - A household name in Antwerp for generations
  6. Fiskebar - No nonsense fish restaurant
  7. Mission Masala - Indian Soulfood with a modern twist
  8. Mesa - A unique experience of cocktails, tacos, dips, bites, and signature dishes that you share with the whole table


  • Gelato factory - Experience the true artisanal Italian gelateria
  • Milad - Middle Eastern ice cream, not to be missed
  • Gelato Giuliano - Official Belgian Ice Cream Maker ( and Champion)




  • Hotel Les Nuits - Chicly designed rooms and a good late-night restaurant
    Hotel Pilar -  Eclectic place to bed down in Antwerp’s busy and trendy Zuid hood
    Hotel Julien - The roof terrace offers beautiful views of the city
    U Eat & Sleep - Elegant and just 200 metres from MAS Museum

    INSIDER TIP: There are all the regular high ends as well, but also so many boutique hotels popping up, each with their own charm. Look around and find which suits your taste.



      • MAS - History and future
      • MUHKA - Contemporary arts
      • FOMA - Photography
      • MOMU - Fashion museum
      • DIVA - Diamond & jewellery museum
      • Tim Van Laere -  Contemporary art focuses both on the work of young, emerging artists and established international artists.
    INSIDER TIP: Antwerp is also known for its architecture. Create your own tour with the stops below
    • Central Station - Renovated in 2010
    • City Hall
    • Main Cathedral
    • Havenhuis - Harbour House by Zaha Hadid
    • New Palace of Justice - Ivan Harbour and Andrew Morris


    • Het Zuid - cultural area for arts and shopping
    • Het Eilandje - spruced up harborfront
    • Linkeroever - green long and living area with Le Corbusier city plan at the left bank, worth a stroll
    INSIDER TIP: Visit one of the many squares (filled with restaurants, bars, and shops - and create your own tour)
    • Grote Markt - The "great market square"
    • Theater Square - The name says it all
    • Dageraadplaats - Its starry sky at night is one of the most unique aspects of this square.

    • Stadspark
    • Zoo
    • Rivierenhof
    • Middelheim
    • Linkeroever
    INSIDER TIP: Time for a bit of shopping? Check out...
    • Meir and Stadsfeestzaal - Main shopping street
    • Huidevettersstraat - High-end fashion and luxury
    • Kloosterstraat - Antiques, Vintage, and Fashion
    • Kammenstraat - Streetstyle fashion

    Do you have any requests for cities to cover? Let us know in the comments below and we will put our VOCIER globetrotters on the mission.

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