Vocier's City Guide - Maastricht Edition

Maastricht City Guide
This month VOCIER is taking you to one of the oldest towns in Holland, Maastricht. It's a cobbled old town, known for its medieval-era architecture and vibrant cultural scene. It was fortified in the 3rd century and again in the 14th century. Since it has changed hands many times throughout the years (through sieges, battles, and negotiations), it has become a much sought out destination for those interested in architecture due to the varied influences. And it is one of VOCIER's co-founders' fave destinations.


  • Coffee Lovers Bookstore - While cruising the church bookstore, be sure to grab a drink or small bite at Coffee Lovers, the perfect excuse to open a book and let the world pass you by while enjoying a sweet treat. 
  • So Delicious - The best macarons in town.
  • Beluga Loves You- creative dishes inspired by all corners of the globe. A total dining experience not to be missed.
  • Umami by Han - Delicious Asian fusion tapas-sized plates, created by a Michelin star chef. And, very modern interior decor to boot.

INSIDER TIP: Make reservations for the restaurants in advance for guaranteed seating.


INSIDER TIP: In the mood for a little cheeky day drinking and pampering? Check out Cocktails & Coiffeurs

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  • Kruisheren  - a classic and extravagant choice. This 15th-century former Kruisheren monastery has been transformed into a spectacular five-star design hotel with 60 ultra-modern guestrooms, each with its own individuality.
  • Fitz Roy Urban Hotel, Bar, and Garden - in the lively city center, in the up-and-coming Sphinx Quarter. Retreat to a peaceful city garden and enjoy the French cuisine. 

    INSIDER TIP: For something a bit more hip, consider staying in the city center near the Vrijthof.

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    • Bookstore Dominicanen - This bookstore is housed in an old church and is considered to be one of the most beautiful book stores in the world. The church itself dates back to 1294 and it has elaborate frescos on the ceiling that are being restored. It has lived many lives, but now instead of praying at its altar, you can drink coffee and read books.
    • Cruise on the Maas - Discover Maastricht by boat and enjoy beautiful scenic views of the old city center and much more!
    INSIDER TIP: Check the city's website for seasonal events and pop-ups.



    • Market Square - There are many cafes to sit and relax in. Stop here for a treat while planning out your day, deciding which of the town's top attractions to visit, most of which are an easy stroll away. 
    INSIDER TIP: On Wednesdays or Fridays are the scenes for a food market, and Saturdays are filled with flea markets.

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    INSIDER TIP: If you head to Savelsbos in autumn, the apples are free for the picking. Note: The Castle is open between May and November.

    Do you have any requests for cities to cover? Let us know in the comments below and we will put our VOCIER globetrotters on the mission.

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