Travel Accessories

Our travel accessories ingenious designs keep you organized on your next weekend trip. The Dopp Kits are equipped with a see through side panel that can easily be inspected by security personal to expedite the screening process. 

Available in water-resistant premium nylon and in luxurious full grain Italian leather.

High quality travel accessories, and why you need them.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or just take the occasional holiday, you probably have already experienced the hassle of getting through an airport. This is even more true when it comes to flying with toiletries and security checkpoints. Making this process easier has been one of our main goals at VOCIER, and our travel accessories are no exception.

All of our dopp kits comes with a transparent window - when combined with our quick-access pocket for this and other essentials, security checks become a much quicker process. That's not just marketing talk - we've used our own luggage for years, refining the design from notes over thousands of our own combined trips alongside actually listening to customer feedback. Our hand-made travel accessories are also built from high-quality materials just like our luggage - not only are the durable enough to stand up to a lifetime of travels, but our "buy it once, own it for life" philosophy is kinder to the environment too.

A dopp kit is also called a toiletries bag or wash kit - it's the perfectly-sized bag for all of your toiletries while traveling. Our dopp kits are spacious enough to contain everything you need while away, but still conform to what is allowed by airports and airlines (as long as you have less than 100ml in liquids).
While we can only give a general guide as each country may have different requirements, generally you should keep liquids and gels under 100ml in your carry-on. Whether in a dopp kit or not, they should be inside a zip-lock bag. Liquids should also be in individual containers - our dopp kits include these containers for you and they conform to regulations! You can travel with things like hair products (although not compressed canisters like hair spray) as well as make-up, shaving and soap bars, tooth paste and other items that don't have a blade or point. Even safety razors should be kept to checked luggage or purchased upon arrival. Always make sure to check with your airline with specific rules for your trip, and if it's something you can go without or purchase upon arrival it's best to leave it out if you aren't sure.
We definitely recommend keeping your toiletries in a sealed plastic bag in case a particular guard wants you to remove them, but just using that alone poses some issues when traveling. Not only is it only giving you just one layer of protection between your clothes (and maybe even electronics) and liquids, but it gives absolutely no guard against potential knocks and bangs that always come up when you're not expecting them. Safely inside a dopp kit like ours your sealable plastic bag of toiletries is sure to be safe for your entire journey. We've gone even further, and like most of our customers have discovered toiletries rarely need to be taken out at security checks with our dopp kits, as the contents remain visible from one side with our transparent windows!
Have you ever found that even things you thought were well-sealed sometimes leak during the flight, even in your carry-on? Often it's due to the change in pressure in airplanes, so as well as keeping caps well-tightened and everything inside a sealable plastic bag, we recommend making sure bottles are no more than 75% full. If you're not sure of something being leak-proof, put it inside its own clear bag and seal that as well - it will still be visible if inspected. All of this will help make sure a dopp kit is the last line of defense against any potential leaks, but we find following these guidelines really help avoid any unfortunate accidents while traveling.
Keep things as streamlined as possible - take only as much as you need to reduce both weight and hassle. Make sure to not bury your toiletries underneath things, as they always need to come out at security or trips to the restroom. Instead, pack them last or use luggage like ours with a quick-access pocket so that they're easily removed at any time during your trip. For overnight trips, one great way to reduce weight and liquids is to use a quick spray of tester perfume or cologne as you walk through the duty free (don't feel bad - that's what they're there for, and not too much so as to overwhelm whoever is sitting next to you on the flight). Finally, it's best to use dedicated travel containers like the ones that come with our dopp kits or the original product container if possible - traveling with unmarked bags of powder or gel may raise questions at security checks!